Under the influence…of love…


In True Blood (incidentally I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago…) the vampires glamor their prey.

By glamor I don’t mean they dressed them up and popped some make up on them, I mean that they somehow enchant their prey, delude them, disorient them, break down all of their defences.

This is what happens when you meet Neptune in the chart of another. You’re Neptunified- or rather, that part of your chart is.


Neptune contacts can be like that.

Take Jack and Jill* as an example.

The contact was Sun (Jill) trine Neptune (Jack).  There was one back the other way too- Sun (Jack) conjunct Neptune (Jill). The aspects were easy. They glamored each other.  It was like she was under some sort of spell- so was he…and there was absolutely no sense or logic to it.

She felt like he had gotten right into her soul. He had her on a pedestal, but had no idea why or how she’d got there.

Of course none of it was real. It was also complicated- both were married, so knew it could go nowhere. Each represented what the other felt was missing in their relationship.

When it’s new, a Neptune romance is soft and magical- rather like you’ve been gently sprinkled with pink fairy dust. You exist in your own little champagne bubbly world without awareness of the consequences.

When the rose coloured haze that clouded their eyes faded, what was left was, well, a rather disappointing reality. Although they had some nice personal planet-personal planet contacts happening, there was nothing in the synastry to indicate anything more than a fling.

When the end came, it was like waking from a dream- although the fall was much more dramatic than that.

Neptune falls can be like that.

They can also be as gentle as letting go of a balloon and watching it float away out of your reach.

Jill says she still dreams about Jack.

Anyways, at it’s best, a Neptune contact with another inspires you, it touches you spiritually, it uplifts you, it sensitizes you and it enchants you.

At its worst, a Neptune contact with another deceives you, weakens you, deludes you, confuses you and wreaks havoc. This happens often at the same time as you’re being inspired, sensitized, uplifted and enchanted…

For the non Neptune person, for at least a time, the part of their chart being Neptunified becomes very Piscean indeed. If you’re natally not very Piscean, ie few personal planets in Pisces, in the 12th house or with close aspects to Neptune, you may find this contact uncomfortable- without really knowing why.

So, you’re being Neptunified by the perfect man or woman. What do you do? Let go immediately? Run screaming for the hills?

Even if it doesn’t work out, Neptune contacts are the ones that you talk about with your girlfriends for many years after. If it does last,it’s the love story you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

The time to run is if you find yourself in a co dependent relationship or a situation where you’re being exploited…Neptune contacts can be like that too.

When Neptune is involved, there is no straight answer.

If you can, take the glasses off, and take a clear eyed view and ask yourself whether you’re projecting something onto him (or her) that is your thing, your ideal- not his.

Many times a Neptune contact will bring you together, cast a spell across early intimacy- but it’s the other contacts that will keep the relationship going long after the fairy dust has cleared.

Be aware too if you are glamoring someone else.

Very often this isn’t a physical thing (although often with Neptune/Venus or Neptune/Mars it can be…). To someone out there, you might be a Goddess.

If you are, be gentle and sensitive regarding their feelings, taking care to inspire rather than weaken.

In the wrong hands, a little too much Neptune can easily turn into a tool for manipulation and exploitation- you have been warned!


*names changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Think this is you?

Take a look at his chart. Do any of your personal planets (Sun-Mars, in particular) aspect his Neptune? Keep the aspects at about 5 degrees, and stick to the traditional aspects.

What about the other way? Do any of his personal planets aspect your Neptune?

The fine print:

  • Synastry contacts between two people who are not yet together are not a promise that they ever will be together- it is, however, a promise of a possibility of what could happen if they ever did get together.
  • A Neptune contact does not mean that you’re destined to be together, hook up or even pass the time of day, but if you do, it will feel as if you have a soul connection.
  • Very often Neptune contacts remain a fantasy simply because the idea of shattering the dream and taking the risk is way too scary… and no, this doesn’t mean that yours will be unrequited, just that…oh whatever…

And the title? Under the Influence by Kylie Minogue…take a listen…

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3 Replies to “Under the influence…of love…”

  1. Have just had to tear myself away from a 2 yr neptune relationship – both our venus’, my moon and his neptune involved in a t-square. Fair enough on the running away thing but jesus – it feels like waking up from the most enchanting dream into the worst reality with a horrific hangover. Tearing myself away from him and that reality really does feel physically wrenching. I knwo break-ups are never easy but any tips on how to slap myself around the face and just get over it – i.e. break the spell??

    1. Sorry Angel-A…no tips. Neptune breakups are flipping hard. Maybe treat it like you would a hangover? With extra vitamins & a little comfort food indulgence- but only a little. There will come a time when you can remember it for the dream it was.

      1. No worries Jo..! one of the hardest things is just letting it go. Ridiculous really – I knew all along I was just buying into an illusion. But boy did I invest hard. Will dose myself up with self-care, and try to resist hair-of-the-dog!! 🙂

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