Under the Influence…Neptune in 2013

I’ve spent the weekend in Canberra. For those outside of Australia, it’s our capital city, a bush capital, and the one of the only major Australian cities where kangaroos really do dwell in and around the suburbs. We were doing the pre- Christmas tour of duty to see Mr T’s mother, who lives there.

Coming home we hit a series of storms. The first wasn’t too far up the highway, and it was heavy enough that we had to pull over for quite a while and watch the hail as it beat down against the car, hazard lights flashing.

Following this we drove (slowly) through a number of others, one after the other. Mr T, with barely a few metres visibility, made the decision to follow a large truck through the murk, deciding that as long as he could see such a large silhouette, he couldn’t go too far wrong.

It struck me that driving through the storms and the rain, with limited visibility, was very much like a Neptune transit.

You can’t really see the road ahead, often you aim for the one thing that you can see and hope that it’s going in the right direction, sometimes you pull off the road entirely and wait it out.

For those of you, like me, with heavy Neptune influences in your chart, you may shrug your shoulders and declare that this is situation normal.

For the rest of you, a Neptune transit can feel a little like we did today.

Neptune transits are the hardest of all to describe- especially if you don’t live daily with a Neptune influence.

Essentially Neptune dissolves things, it conceals things, it can deceive you, it can bring incredible dreams and imagination, it can lead you down the path to amazing romance.

Under its influence you may believe that dreams really can come true. Under its influence you may see glitter or gold where there is usually ordinariness. Under its influence you may believe that which is not true- simply because you need to.

Neptune dissolves your reality, your ego and your sense of duty and responsibility.

You might feel lost, confused, afraid of who knows what, or completely at one with the Universe. In most cases, the effect it has on you will depend on your natal relationship with Neptune.

Having the Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Pisces, the 12th house or in easy aspect to Neptune will mean that you have a relatively good relationship with Neptune, and may deal with her seductive call more easily than those who have a strong relationship with Saturn.

The thing to do with Neptune transits? Have fun, fall in love if you wish, enjoy the illusion, but don’t expect any of it to be permanent. In fact, if you can, avoid permanent commitments regarding the affairs of the house and planet being transited by Neptune until the transit is over.

As with all outer planet transits, the impact of Neptune will be gradual. Whilst you may feel it 2 degrees each side, the closer the aspect is to being exact, the more you will feel it. If the aspect is a conjunction, square or opposition, you will also feel the impact of Neptune more than if the aspect is a trine or a sextile.

What if the transit you’re having is the opposite way around, ie transiting Venus making contact with Neptune? You’ll have a couple of days under the influence, but nothing to get too worked up about- enjoy it while it lasts…& take care not to handle heavy machinery.

In 2013, Neptune will travel the following ground:

  • 1 Pisces 4’ to 5 Pisces 22’ before turning retrograde on 7 June, 2013
  • Neptune will turn direct at 2 Pisces 34’ on 12 November 2013 and will finish 2013 at 3 Pisces.

If you have planets or chart points (especially the Ascendant or Midheaven) at 0- 7 degrees of:

  • Pisces- Neptune will be conjunct those planets
  • Cancer or Scorpio- Neptune will be trine those planets
  • Virgo- Neptune will oppose those planets
  • Gemini or Sagittarius- Neptune will square those planets
  • Taurus or Capricorn- Neptune will sextile those planets

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