Ugg boots, mutant cell man theories and 12th house escapism


I have been in Brisbane for the best part of the last couple of weeks and the weather has been just like in the ads- beautiful one day, perfect the next…not that I really have had the opportunity to enjoy it. Winter days there can be simply gorgeous.

But sliding my feet into ugg boots this morning when I got off the plane at Sydney was pure bliss…just because it meant I was home. Having said that, I am off again on Thursday- this time to Melbourne, and this time with Five Foot Something.

The strange thing with the type of role I was in Brisbane for is just how energising the adrenaline rush is when you are in the middle of things. During the physical relocation and first few days in a new site energy is spent in planning on the run, moving and getting little annoying new site things fixed. It is only once the rush settles that I tend to collapse, or at least realise just how tired I am. Then the restlessness hits again…adrenaline can be addictive, and this little Pisces finds it easy to attach to pretty well anything.

Brisbane River & Storey Bridge from Eagle St Pier. Pic by me.
Brisbane River & Storey Bridge from Eagle St Pier. Pic by me.

Sure I am high maintenance at times- I am more than happy to just get it done, but with all my Pisces planets, can be a needy bitch when it comes to emotional support. Given that I am usually on site to provide support to others, there is no way I would ever let anyone on site see more emotion than the occasional explosion of unsavoury language. I don’t think the tradies could deal with it.

Aside from the fact that it is unprofessional and unhelpful it rarely changes the circumstances…and I have control issues. Thankfully I have one or two people that I love and trust sufficiently to let them see the chinks in my armour without fearing that they will run screaming into the night.

I have had this relocation lurking in the back of my head since January and now it is over, there is an empty space that will need to be filled with some drama or another, I guess. But for now, it is back to routine…and that is not a bad thing for someone with as few boundaries as I do.

For those of us with strong 12th houses or Pisces/Neptune signatures in the chart, working away from home is like an escape from reality, a departure from business as usual, a chance to be someone else, somewhere else. The normal rules and routines don’t apply, so the challenge is to put as much normality around it as possible- seek out gyms, keep to the same work hours.

Anzac Square. Pic by me.
Anzac Square. Pic by me.

Some adapt better than others. This morning we watched Tony Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament limber up for his 6am run on a dark and very rainy Brisbane Saturday morning.  But then, he is a Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon so control and physical activity would provide both motivation and security for him.

For my triple Pisces self, escape means a dissolution of boundaries…and not in a good way. I struggle with my gym routine, I struggle with excess, I drink more, I work longer, I sleep less, I spend more and I play harder. It always takes me at least 3 days to force routine and containment into chaos. And I always come home totally jatz crackered (ie knackered). I come home to security, stability and solidity. I come home to sleep. I come home for emotional support. I am lucky I have that to come home to.

The colleague I did this (and the last) relocation with has a Virgo Sun and plenty of Libra planets- he has a strong sense of boundaries and moderation that I can only envy.

I love the travel, I love to escape, but in my more logical moments, I also know it is not something that I can incorporate on a regular basis into my life- it is way too much like running away to be healthy for me. I get a little too used to the solitude, a little too attached to the chaos, and my head (which already is a little too like the mosh pit from the big day out) starts to play tricks on me. And for Pisces, fantasy and reality have very blurred edges. I go deep into the unconscious, deep into the 12th house, and know it is time to come home when my dreams begin to get a little too realistic. Having said that, I find the absence creative and very inspiring.

The hotel foyer arrangement- oh so posh.
The hotel foyer arrangement- oh so posh.

Anyways, this is not getting the washing done, and pretty well everything I own at present is in that washing machine, so onto the skies.

The Moon is currently in Aquarius. This is the 12th house for me, so the perfect time to retreat back into the everyday. The Aquarius Moon is, however, a perfect time for socialising, exchanging ideas and being a little radical, rebellious or controversial. If you have a protest march to schedule, or a quirky theory to expound you couldn’t choose better than an Aquarius Moon to do it under.

Speaking of which, I far prefer my theory that a spook or mutant cell man was responsible for the door chime breaking into random “it’s a small world after all” song rather than the more logical explanation that someone else has their door chime on a similar frequency…

Anyways, the Aquarius Moon has a Uranian visionary edge to it, so make sure you capture those radical ideas as they come up- and with the Moon linking by sextile to Uranus in Aries, trust me, they will come up.

Not a lot else of real interest showing up in the charts today, so no real choice but to open mail, pay bills and prepare for date night with hubby.

Until tomorrow- when we will have more astro and less self-indulgence…

Waiting for a bus, Brisbane. Pic by me.
Waiting for a bus, Brisbane. Pic by me.