Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…


This is a little story about a star- a very special sort of star, a rare sort of star, the sort of star that turns up in a birth chart…the “Star of David”…or Grand Sextile.

A few weeks I had a call out for people to send me birth details if they had this configuration in their birth chart. (And yes, I’m aware that I owe you a yod article, but I’m still working through the mountains of charts I was sent…wow!)

Anyways, re the Grand Sextile, there were a few that were very close, but I really wanted one that comprised planets Sun-Pluto (excluding the asteroids & points such as the nodes), with relatively tight orbs- after all, we’re talking sextiles here, so orbs of influence are generally smaller than when we’re talking squares and oppositions. For sextiles I like to use no more than 3 degrees in a natal chart or 2 when we’re talking transits…and that’s stretching it.

That aside, you guys have seriously pretty charts- and probably very busy lives.

The closest I could get is a configuration that’s happening in the next few days. Chiron and the nodes are involved, and the orbs are a little wider than I’d like, but hopefully you get the idea.

Firstly, just what is a Grand sextile?

I’m glad you asked.

It looks a little like the stars that we used to draw before we knew how to draw stars- two triangles making 6 points. It comprises:

  • 2 Grand Trines (that’s the triangles)
  • 3 kites
  • 3 oppositions
  • 6 sextiles


Each of the planets is 60 degrees away from the next, give or take a degree or two…but no more.

Not surprisingly, it’s rare.

That means two sets of self contained talent, 3 oppositions to resolve in order to harness and maximise that talent and multiple opportunities in which to do so.

All of this adds up to incredible potential for creativity and fulfilment.

Let’s break it down further.

I’ve set this chart for when the Moon is at 9 Taurus and triggering the Earth Grand trine.

As you can see, in this example, the orbs for the sextiles are wider than I would usually use, but that’s just my viewpoint- this is so pretty, you have to notice it. Besides, you might work with different orbs to what I do- that’s cool too.

If you have one in your chart? What can I say?

Multi focused, multi talented, seriously busy…but the key to getting the best from it will be working those oppositions.

the 2 grand trines
with the 3 oppositions
with the 3 oppositions
and the 6 sextiles...
and the 6 sextiles…
and the kites...
and the kites…





  1. Thanks for breaking down the pretty pics, Jo. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “working the oppositions” …how would a person do that with any opposition they may have?

    1. Sure. The 1st thing is recognising how the planet at either end of the opposition wants- how it’s motivated, how it behaves, how it functions. The solution is in looking for the common ground, ie the centre point. Take a planet in Pisces for instance. It’s going to find its shadow in chaos & escape, but it’s motivation in dreams & imagination with an anything is possible attitude. A planet in Virgo will find its shadow in extreme criticality, but its motivation in order, organisation & efficiency. The common ground is that they are both mutable signs, & both feminine signs. Well, that’s the theory…I’m still working out how to resolve mine!

    1. Sure Clementine, I cast the chart in astro gold, removing all aspect points so I had no aspect lines. Then I emailed it to myself & using the preview function on Mac, selected tools & annotate tools.

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