‘Twas the night before Christmas…


Tuesday 24 December

Moon in Virgo

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house…

Yeah, I know, you know the drill.

The potentially organised Virgo Moon will help with the completion of any last minute Christmas preparations today- that is, unless you’ve decided that the whole thing is way too chaotic and why did I sign up for this anyway? In which case, you’ll probably flounce into the nearest chair, open the Christmas chocolates and decide to start your diet absolutely this time on Boxing Day.


I’m super organised by now. Beds are made for my guests, food prepared, hunter gathering done, presents wrapped, clothes ironed and house cleaned.

I’m also writing this post in bed last Sunday morning…so there’s a reasonable amount of wishful thinking being engaged in here.

Speaking of which, wishful and delusional thinking could just get you through the next couple of days intact and unscarred.

Mercury moves into Capricorn later tonight (Sydney time)- there was a post on that yesterday.

Anyways, both the Sun, and then Mercury, will exchange some friendly texts with Neptune over the next couple of days. This is a good thing. Why? It will lighten the mood of what has the potential to be a couple of days with almost constant thunderstorm warnings.

You see, Mars and Uranus will be facing off at about the same time that we in Aus sit down to watch the Boxing Day cricket and those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are facing each other around the Christmas Dinner table.

Families tend to be good at passive aggression- well, my birth family certainly is- and Mars in Libra is one of the best at this.

Now, normally I’d be forecasting blow ups of unexpected and epic proportions and, let’s face it, that wouldn’t be unusual for Christmas day, but Mars in Libra isn’t into conflict.  Mars in Libra is more about finding common ground, giving peace a chance, negotiating a compromise…and if that doesn’t work, descending into a sullen and heavy silence of ‘nothing’s wrong, it’s all perfectly fine’ between teeth gritted so tightly they could crush a turkey bone.

The best part of this is, with the Sun and Mercury in the corner imbibing in the finest bubbles that money can buy with Neptune, you mightn’t even notice the dramas anyway.

Well, we can only hope…and this is, after all, the season of hope and goodwill to all men- even when they are perpetually annoying.