Tumeric, Roast Chicken and Crappy Transits That Should Have Been Good

Some things in life are given- tumeric will always stain your hands (especially if you combine it with a heap of other spices, mix it with olive oil & rub it into a chook for roasting…Chop Chop Roast Chicken, in case you are interested), the computer will always restart itself just when you need it not to and your husband will be home late just on the day you decide to get said chook in the oven and play at Domestic Diva.

Other things are not guaranteed. Like transits. The only thing I know for sure about transits is that there is no such thing as a good or a bad transit. There are just transits. Some just happen easier than others. OMG that sounds so glass half empty, and being very Jupiterian, I am a strictly full to the brim type of girl. But seriously, when Venus joined my Ascendant this year, rather than having a good hair day and feeling pretty oh so pretty, I had a nasty head cold and looked like I felt- like something the dog had thrown up, but older and fatter.

I am extremely watery and trust me, no one can handle that much water! Now that Mars and Venus are both in Scorpio, Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces and my Progressed Moon is also in Scorpio (non astro peeps, don’t worry about this- it just means that my normally emotional Pisces Moon is, for the next 2 1/2 years overlayed with a deeply emotional and just a tad paranoid Scorpio Moon) I am even more watery.

I am also usually a pretty good faker and only those I really love ever see any sign of the meltdowns that would scare others away- and I protect those I love from all but the really bad ones. So, I deal with crappy stuff by exhausting myself, or escaping…either way, I run away. And you can’t run far on a busted ankle. I tried today and busted it more. Given that I am also trying to make like a Virgo and stick to a plan and goal, that means that my other reliable method of escaping ie a glass or 3 of vino, also isn’t available to me. Which means that I have to face stuff and think about stuff that I don’t want to think about.

Which brings me to the crappy transits. Mars. I have a great Mars, a strong Mars. I like Mars. Mars in Scorpio should be good for me. Except that this is 8th house stuff and kicking off some other deeper stuff (note to astro peeps, 8th house Progressed Moon at 1 Scorp). Sure the energy is there, but it needs some pretty extensive pain relief to do anything and then a heap of ice treatment afterwards. So, this is a painful transit that seems to be happening easily. And the reason it is happening easily is that I have been fighting all the other ones leading up to it.

The other thing I know for sure is that no matter how much you hide your head in the sand (yes, Mrs Tracey, I am talking to you!) the Universe will find some way of grabbing that ponytail and dragging your head up so it can throw the sand in your face and make you pay attention.

The thing about Mars is that he rarely causes and major life changing stuff- leave that to the outer planets. What he does do, is act as a catalyst or an event maker. Sort of like the bomb that is harmless until it is detonated. Mars comes along and says “cut the crap, get with the program and lets get on with it already.”  And the thing about Mars in Scorpio is things come out of the closet- regardless of how far into the back you pushed them and covered them with other stuff. Somehow I have the feeling that a fuse somewhere has been lit.

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