Tuesday Toolbox: Season 2


In this season of seriously mini DIY lessons we’ll be looking at the planets:

  • what they represent,
  • what their motivation is and
  • the way that they talk to each other.

This is DIY, so I won’t be spoon-feeding you.

What we will be doing is layering.

You already have the tools to know:

  • What the houses represent
  • What the signs represent

We covered those subjects last year. For a refresher, go to the Toolbox link on the website.

What you’ll learn this time around is how to put it together.

By the end of this lesson series, you’ll have the tools to know how each of the planets operates in your chart- and what opportunities and challenges these present for you.

By the end of this lesson series you’ll be able to say stuff like:

  • ‘Yeah, I’ve got a first house sun- and we know what that means…’ or
  • ‘I’ve got Venus in Aries in the 2nd I want what I want when I want it…if you know what I mean…’ or
  • ‘My 2nd house Venus is square my 5th house Jupiter. I’m so into instant gratification and have a problem with FOMO. More is more and less is…not to be contemplated…’ or
  • ‘Sometimes I think that grand trine is more trouble than it’s worth…’ or
  • ‘I wish I had more squares in my chart…’

Ok, maybe you won’t be saying that last phrase, but you get the idea.

The thing is, you’ll be getting some tools to help you work it out.

If you want a textbook or some extra reading to help you on your way, the two books that I’d recommend are:

  • The Inner Sky, by Steve Forrest, and
  • The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, by April Elliott Kent- although this is currently out of print, you might be able to snaffle a copy on ebay

Remember, these mini mini-series shouldn’t be used as a substitute for formal study. That’s why they’re free…and mini. If you want to go deeper, there are plenty of places offering proper training. These mini lessons are designed to give you a taste and some tools- so you can go away and either have a go at doing it for yourself, or reading more widely, or taking a course or three, or attending a conference or…all of the above.

Next week: The Sun