Tuesday Toolbox- Lesson 7

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So anyways, before our mini break from our mini lessons- so that I could do some much needed editing- we talked about the elements and how each element was associated with a house.

We’ll take that concept one step further today, and build a little more on it.

Planets are influenced by the signs they’re in… and their behaviour and motivation is influenced by the house they are in.

Planets in the first house, for example, regardless of the sign they are in, will always be motivated by first house concerns. Planets in the 2nd house will be motivated by 2nd house concerns….and so on.

Pop that to one side for a second while I borrow heavily (naturally with all rights and credit where it is due) from Stephen Arroyo.

In his Chart Interpretation Handbook (which is, in my humble opinion, a book that belongs in any budding astrologer’s bookcase), Arroyo bundles the houses into “trinities” based on their element.

Within each element will be one angular house (motivated by action), one succedent house (about security) and one cadent house (interested in learning).

the quadrants

Fire Houses

Arroyo calls these the Trinity of Life

These houses are associated with life, experience, inspiration and aspiration. They are about our identity, how we project it, seek it, our attitude to it, and the motivations that drive us to form it.

The key word associated with these houses is identity.

Using what we know about each house, we can take this further:

  • The 1st house is identity in action.
  • The 5th house is identity security.
  • The 9th house represents learning on the level of identity.

Earth Houses

Arroyo calls these The Trinity of Wealth.

These houses are associated with our needs- how we obtain these, build on them, hold onto them.

The key word associated with these houses is material.

  • The 10th house deals with action on the material
  • The 2nd house is Material Security.
  • The 6th house is learning through experience with material

Air Houses

Arroyo calls these The Trinity of Relationship…houses 3,7,11.

These houses are associated with social contacts and relationships of all types, but also with concepts. Other key words for air houses are social and intellectual.

  • The 7th house symbolises action at the social and intellectual
  • The 11th house represents the search for social and intellectual security.
  • The 3rd house is learning at the social and intellectual

Water Houses

Arroyo calls these The Psychic Trinity.

These houses deal with the past- and with the actions we take subconsciously based on our conditioning of the past. In these houses we find what parts of the past can be holding us back.

The key words associated with these houses are emotional and soul.

  • The 4th house deals with action on the emotional and soul level.
  • The 8th house represents the need to find emotional security and soul security.
  • The 12th house is the area of learning on the emotional and soul level.

Doing it for yourself…

Ok, now it’s time to dig out your chart. Last lesson you should have discovered how many planets you had in fire houses, earth houses, air houses and water houses. I don’t include the asteroids. Why? Because I like to keep things simple.

Also, it’s up to you whether you include the modern, generational planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto… I’ve included them because, even though every other person of the same age as me has them in the same sign as me, it’s the house placement that’s important.

I also like to score them- 2 pts for the Sun and Moon, 1 pt for the others, for a total of 12 pts.

In view of what you’ve learnt today, what do you think that says about your motivations?

Using my chart as an example I have :

  • The Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune in Fire houses. That’s 7 pts,.
  • Mercury and Mars in Water houses- 2 pts.
  • Uranus and Pluto in Air houses- 2 pts.
  • Venus in an Earth house- 1 pt,

My biggest motivator is that of identity.