Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox: Lesson 2

Cheerful woman painting a room in her new house

So anyways, how did you go with last weeks mini lesson? Ready to keep going? Good.

You know how last week you drew a line across the middle of the chart, separating it into northern and southern hemispheres?

The top half of the chart was about being out there. Public. It’s about how we interact with the world.

The bottom half of the chart was about being in here. Private. It’s about how we interact with ourselves.

This week we’re drawing our line from top to bottom. Have you done that?

The left side of the chart is all about you– your looks, your attitudes, your identity, your values, your possessions, your money, your environment, how you communicate, your work, your hopes and dreams, your friends, the things that bring you undone and where you escape to.

The right side of the chart is all about us…your relationships with other people, your relationship with children, with your creativity, with employees, with pets, with your habits and routines, other peoples money, other concepts, other places, other ideas.

Have a look at your chart:

How many planets do you have on the left side of the chart?

How many planets do you have on the right side of the chart?

By ruling that line from top to bottom, you’ve now created 4 quarters.

What you’ve also created, is what we call The Cross Of Matter. See it? It runs from left to right, from top to bottom. More on this next time…

What does each quadrant mean?

the quadrants

If the top is about you out there and your interactions, and the bottom is about in here and your identity, and the left is you, while the right is us, the quadrants are:

  1. Quadrant 1: Me in here
  2. Quadrant 2: We in here
  3. Quadrant 3: We out there
  4. Quadrant 4: Me out there

Let’s take this one step further…

Quadrant 1- Bottom Left: Houses 1,2,3

If this quadrant were a bookstore, it would be the self-development and personal style section. Maybe titles like: Behind the Mask, Unlocking Your Best Style Ever, How to Make More Money…Now!, Being Heard- Getting Your Message Across.

Quadrant 2 Bottom Right: Houses 4,5,6

If this quadrant were a bookstore, it would have titles like: Renovations For Dummies, Full House, How to Get Rid of Your Flatmate in 10 Days, DIY Family History, How to Lose a Dress Size in 2 Days Without Exercising, The Key to Being a Better Boss, Express Yourself- You Know You Want To…, Parenthood- It Can Be Fun…that sort of thing.

Quadrant 3 Top Right: Houses 7,8,9

If this quadrant were a bookstore, you’d be in the relationship, investment, spirituality and travel sections. I can see it now: The Lonely Planet Rough Guide to Life and Love- Navigating Love, Spirituality, Death and Taxes.

Quadrant 4 Top Left: Houses 10,11,12

If this quadrant were a bookstore, you’d be in the Career and Vocation section…with a diversion to the shadowy section that deals with addictions and secrets…but only when no one is looking. Titles like: How to get Your Best Job Ever, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Going For Goal- How to Kick It Out Of The Park, Turning Dreams Into Reality.

What if I have quadrants with no planets?

That’s ok. Empty houses and quadrants are common. While these areas of life are still important, you’d be wanting to concentrate on the bookshop aisles with a higher concentration of planets.

Do It Yourself:

  1. Are the planets in your chart scattered evenly throughout the quadrants?
  2. Does one quadrant hold the majority of planets?
  3. Do you have any “empty” quadrants?