Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox: Lesson 2.1 The Sun


Let’s talk about the Sun.

You should all know where the sign that your Sun is in…here’s a clue- it’s your star sign. I’m a Pisces, so that means that my Sun was in Pisces at the exact moment that I was born. It is, in essence, the foundation of who I am.

Of course, there’s more to me than my Sun sign- just as there’s more to you than your Sun sign.

Before we go too much further, for this series of the Toolbox, you’ll need:

  • Your chart
  • The lessons on polarity, modality and elements
  • The lessons on the signs
  • The lessons on the houses

You can find all of these in the Toolbox. Click on the pic in the side-bar on the website.

The Symbol…

Illustrated Planet Symbols - Sun

The symbol for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the middle of it. I can’t remember where I read it (so apologies and credit to whoever it was) but this is like the dot being the individual within the circle of the potential of the whole. It sounds a little woo-woo, but I like it. Like the dot that you sometimes see in the centre of a free-range egg yolk. Too gross? What about the nucleus of a cell? Don’t write to me.


  • The Sun represents our motivation, vitality, life-force, attitude and approach to life. It’s willpower, ego, and self-image. It’s who you are at a core level.
  • By nature, it is hot, dry, fortifying, and masculine.
  • It’s about incarnation and the radiation of energy.
  • According to medical and traditional astrology, the Sun is said to be at its’ strongest when in angular houses- especially the first. Its’ motivation to act is at its’ highest in these houses, and at it’s lowest when in mutable houses. Before you write to me saying you’re not weak or strong or whatever, we’re talking relatively not absolutely here. This makes sense: when the Sun is in an angular house, you’re more likely to be the type of person to initiate change. When it’s in a mutable house, you’re more likely to go with the flow.
  • It’s also stronger in fire signs, and weaker in water signs- again relatively, not absolutely speaking.

Sign Placement…

The sign that your Sun is in will tell you how and what motivates and vitalises you. I’m a Pisces, so imagination and creativity makes my heart sing.

In last years’ Toolbox series we looked at how each sign is a combination of polarity, modality and element. If you’ve forgotten these lessons, it might be an idea to look them up again.

Knowing what makes up your sun sign will help you understand:

  • Your motivations
  • Your attitude to change
  • Your relationship with energy- whether you draw it in (introverted, feminine) or direct it out (extroverted, masculine).

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What sign is your Sun in? If you were born on the cusp ie the day that the Sun changed signs, if you know your birth time, you should have a definite sign. If not, read the descriptions of both signs- does one resonate more than another?
  2. What does this say about your motivations, attitude to change, and the way you express yourself?

House Placement…

Wherever your Sun is in your chart is that area of life where can most effectively express yourself. Eg my Sun is in the first house- expressing myself through my own efforts, my personality, my energy is paramount. This is what my Sun needs for me to be at my best. When I’m feeling low, I look at how or why I’m not asserting my will.

If your Sun is in the 10th house, you might need to creatively assert yourself through your career, your public life. If it’s in the 12th house, you might prefer to remain behind the scenes away from the spotlight.

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What house is your Sun in?
  2. What does this say about where you assert or express yourself?
  3. How does this describe what you do everyday?
  4. Is there something that your Sun wants that it’s not getting?

Who does the Sun talk to?

Aspects to other planets can help and hinder the Sun in expressing itself to its fullest potential. We’ll talk more about this when we get to the aspects part of this series. Hold that thought.


We’ll talk more about rulerships as we go along, but for now:

  • The Sun rules the sign of Leo, so is influential over that part of life that has Leo on the house cusp.
  • The Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries.

You’ll note that these are both Fire signs, masculine signs, and signs where the individual and the creative expression of the individual are strong.

  • The Sun is in its’ detriment in Aquarius and it it’s fall in Libra.

You’ll note that these are signs where connection and relationship are motivating factors.

For now? Hold this thought too…I promise we’ll get back to it.

Next week….The Moon.