Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox: Lesson 1.1


So anyways, I had already pre-scheduled another post for todays Tuesday Toolbox, when this message on the Facebook page from a regular reader (hey there, K) caught my eye:

I think Sagittarius goes across 3 houses for me. How do I tell where 11 Sagittarius is?

What a very good question- and one that I’m asked by at least one person at every New or Full Moon. Besides, that’s the point of these mini lessons- they’re flexible.

In Lesson 1 we talked about how each sign takes up 30 degrees of the 360 possible degrees in a circle? The 360 degree bit is basic geometry. Yeah? Houses, though, are uneven, and depending on where you are born will sometimes be very small or very large. What I didn’t make clear, however, is that the signs run anti-clockwise around the chart. As such, the degrees run anti-clockwise.

Take this example below. It’s actually my hubby’s chart, but demonstrates this really well. I’ve scrubbed out the birth details for privacy reasons…although goodness knows why!


Anyways, check out the chart. If I’d cast my chart on astrodienst ( you’d see the markers for each degree more clearly…but you get the idea.

  • His 7th house runs from 4 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius. Can you see that? This house is 34 degrees wide. It encompasses the last 26 degrees of Scorpio and the 1st 8 degrees of Sagittarius.
  • His 8th house runs from 8 Sagittarius to 25 Sagittarius. This house is 17 degrees wide. 25- 8…
  • His 9th house runs from 25 Sagittarius to 11 Capricorn. This house is 16 degrees wide and includes the last 5 degrees of Sagittarius and the 1st 11 degrees of Capricorn.
  • Sagittarius is therefore represented in 3 houses, and is on the cusp of 2…as is Gemini on the other side of the chart.

Remembering from Lesson 1 that opposite houses are always the same width:

  • His 1st house is 34 degrees wide,
  • the 2nd 17 degrees wide and
  • the 3rd is 16 degrees wide.

How to find 11 Sagittarius?

  • We know that the signs and degrees run anti-clockwise
  • We know that 1 Sagittarius is in the 7th
  • We know that the 7th house finishes at 8 Sagittarius
  • We know that the 8th house finishes at 25 Sagittarius
  • Therefore, 11 Sagittarius is just 3 degrees inside the 8th Count them… anti-clockwise.

In the same chart:

  • if I was looking for 8 Capricorn, I’d find it in the 9th house (9th house runs from 25 Sagittarius to 11 Capricorn)
  • if I was looking for 16 Capricorn, I’d find it in the 10th house (10th house runs from 11 Capricorn to 28 Capricorn)
  • if I was looking for 29 Capricorn, I’d find it in the 11th house (11th house runs from 28 Capricorn to 27 Aquarius)

Taking it one step further, each degree is made up of 60 “minutes”.

In the chart above, the 8th house cusp is 8 degrees, 4 minutes- represented on the chart as 08° 04’. A planet at 8 deg 2’ is in the 7th house, a planet at 8 deg 4’ is on the cusp, and a planet at 8 deg 5’ is in the 8th house.

Get it?

Why not try for yourself…