Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox 23


Ok, I’m on a roll- not literally, of course…after all, I’m still at 40,000 feet somewhere over the Black Sea when I’m writing this. I so love the flight cams on the A380- and the economy cabin service from Etihad is just fabulous. By the time it’s published, though, we’ll be somewhere in the north of Scotland- around Inverness and Nairn- all going well.

We were last in this part of the world 20 years ago. We went to a little town called Elgin and bought a bear there- that we named Elgin. We gave that bear to our daughter when she was born- and she still has it. It’s one of 2 toys that were a constant- never lost, never damaged, never too far away.

Anyways, you don’t want to hear about that- I’m sure that you’re more interested in what a waning Moon cycle means if you have one in your chart. Am I right?

Waning Gibbous (or disseminating) type

  • You are what it says on the packet- a disseminator of information- you’ll want to teach others what you have learned or experienced.
  • This has a feel of the sign of Sagittarius or the planet Jupiter, as people born under this phase may want to “popularise” a cause or a crusade.
  • Your shadow is that you can become lost in the fanaticism of whatever it is that you believe in, or fall under the spell and influence of mass emotions.

Last Quarter Type

  • Like the first quarter, this type has a fixed feel to it, but the structures might be those of ideologies or concepts- much like the sign of Aquarius.
  • You might be less flexible when it comes to concepts, views and perceptions.
  • Your shadow is the potential to force your views on those of others.
  • You’re driven by the future, but it’s a future that perhaps you’re the only one who can see the potential in.

Balsamic Types

  • When people talk about old souls or say things like ‘I’m sure they’ve been here before,’ they’re probably talking about someone born under a balsamic moon phase.
  • Balsamic types might feel as though their business is in endings and finishing things off. Indeed, they are a product of their past- possibly more so than others. Yet they have an instinctive and almost prophetic view of the future.
  • This focus on endings could continue through into relationships as some balsamics look for the finish before they’ve even begun. This almost fatalistic view of relationships is their shadow and their past- but, as many happily partnered balsamic types will tell you, it doesn’t need to be their future.

What do you think? Can you see yourself? Strip away what you know of your Sun sign and look just at the Moon phase- what has this taught you?

This has been the final instalment in the Tuesday Toolbox- for now.

We’ll be back next year with an ebook and a new set of mini lessons.