Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox 22


So anyways, I ran out of time to get these last couple of Tuesday Toolboxes scheduled. It all got way too manic with finishing up at work, and getting all the last minute preparations in place for our holiday. Not to mention getting Big Girls Don’t Cry ready for publication (December the 8th– thanks for asking) and starting the first draft of what will be novel no. 3- Finding John Smith.

But, I’m writing it now- 40,000 feet above the earth. According to the flight path map, we’re somewhere over the Tigris River. After a 15 hour flight from Sydney and a 3 hour layover, we left Abu Dhabi nearly 3 hours ago, and have just under 5 hours flying time remaining before we get to London. Then there’s a drive to our first destination in the Cotswolds. By the time this is published, I’ll be in Burford.

I don’t sleep on planes- but have managed to doze for half an hour here and there. I’ve also managed nearly 3000 words in John Smith– but gave up on the love scene I was writing when the baby 4 rows ahead of us decided that enough really was quite enough. It’s difficult to get in the mood for one of those scenes when the potential outcome of those activities is screaming her lungs out. The poor little mite. I can’t say that I blame her.

Ok, waxing Moon cycles- if you were born under one, what does it mean? You’ll find it below – as well as a summary of the other types.

New Moon Type

  • People born at the New Moon have a childlike, youthful, almost naive optimism and confidence about them.
  • Regardless of the sign your Sun is in, you’ll have characteristics that are quite similar to those of the sign of Aries- and could find yourself rushing headlong into situations.
  • Just like the sign of Aries, you could be impulsive and spontaneous- and a good starter…
  • Your mantra could be similar to mine- seriously, how hard could it be? Naturally you tend to find out just how hard it really can be as you get deeper into whatever you have blindly rushed into- but it’s generally not enough to stop you from doing it again…and again.
  • Your reactions tends to be instinctive, emotional and largely unconscious
  • You may tend to confuse values with outcomes, and have difficulty distinguishing the fine line between dreams, wishes and reality. It’s a perception thing. You might also project that onto others.
  • The closer you were born to a New Moon, the closer this description will fit.
  • Your shadow is confusion and self-deception- and sometimes a blind and immature disregard for consequences.

Waxing Crescent Type

  • As the Moon approaches the waxing crescent, questions and inner tensions may arise.
  • You tend to generally be self-assertive and have a faith in yourself and your ability to deal with challenges.
  • The closer that you are to a first quarter Moon, the more likely you might be to question leaving behind that which is known for that which is comfortable. Although you might start seeking change- or know that you should be seeking it- fear of the unknown or loss of security could overwhelm you and hold you back. This is your shadow.

First Quarter Type

  • Those of you born under a first quarter moon could feel like you are constantly facing obstacles. Often (although not always) these are projections of your own fears.
  • Structures are important to you, and you’re quite capable of building those frameworks that you need
  • You tend to be strong willed and a managerial, forceful type
  • Your shadow is a tendency to ruthlessness- although you can usually justify it as something else entirely. A business decision, perhaps…or necessary to get the job done.

Waxing Gibbous Type

  • You’ll ask a lot of questions- this pattern has a “but why” feel to it. That could be your mantra. It’s not just about the answers, its; about how concepts link together and help with future growth.
  • You’ll probably need to be useful, of service, contributing value and meaning in some way to society. It could be for a particular cause or something more mundane
  • The closer, though, that you get to the waxing gibbous, the more likely you are to set out to crush those obstacles- real or perceived- to smithereens. The waxing gibbous is a little like the planet Uranus in nature- wilful and individual.
  • Your shadow is to be deliberately, wilfully obstructive or rebellious- naturally in the name of individuation or free will.

Full Moon type

  • Those of you born at or close to a Full Moon will have the personality of the Full Moon- perhaps more personally mature, and probably more enlightened.
  • New Moon babies are flying blindly with (often) naïve confidence, whereas Full Moon babies were born when there was more light in the night sky- the path is more visible, the dangers more obvious.
  • Where New Mooners are subjective, your view is more balance and objective- and less emotional.
  • Full Moon people understand the importance of compromise and working together towards a shared outcome.
  • Your shadow could be the idealisation of relationship to the extent that nothing other than a perfect partnership (or the appearance of perfection) will do.

What about you? Does this sound like you? Strip away the noise of the planets and other points in your chart and just concentrate on the Moon phase.