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Tuesday Toolbox 21


Are you still with me? Yes?

We’re on the home stretch of this little jaunt around the chart without planets.

You’ll need your chart again for this. You’ll also need to refer back to Toolbox no 12– the one where we looked at measuring the distance between planets using something called the Zodiac longitude.

What you’re about to do is work out what phase the Moon was in when you were born…or rather, what the Sun’s relationship to the Moon was at the minute you came kicking and screaming into the world. We’ll be getting a little technical- but only a little.

Ok. The first thing you’ll need to do is find your Sun. The symbol for this is a circle with a dot inside.

Got it?

Now you’ll need your Moon. Yep, it looks like a Moon.

If your Sun and Moon are in the same sign, that makes it easy- right?

Not necessarily.

If the Moon is in an earlier degree than the Sun, it’s still in the Balsamic phase- we’ll get to that. If, however, the Moon is in a later degree than the Sun, you were born at a New Moon– and will have the personality traits that go along with a New Moon…don’t worry, we’ll get to that too…

Moving anti-clockwise around from your Sun, if the Moon is 45° ahead of the Sun, you were born under the waxing crescent.

Travelling around another 45°, we reach the first quarter Moon. The Moon is now 90° or 3 signs away from the Sun.

When the Moon is around 135° ahead of the Sun, it’s in the phase known as waxing gibbous.

By the time the Moon is in the opposite sign to the Sun, or 180° apart, we have ourselves a Full Moon.

Moving around another, you guessed it, 45°, you come to the waning gibbous. Now the Moon is 135° behind the Sun.

When the Moon is 90° or 3 signs behind the Sun, it’s known as the third quarter Moon…for fairly obvious reasons- she is ¾ of the way through her cycle.

By the time the Moon is 45° behind the Sun, or in the waning crescent, she’s just a sliver in the sky. Between now and the next New Moon, we’ll move through the balsamic phase- the dark of the Moon. This is usually the last 30° or few days before the New Moon.

Ok, I’m sensing that you’re starting to put some detail and “what ifs” around this. Don’t be too precious.

If you’re within just a few degrees of each of these points, it’s pretty easy to tell what phase you were born under. The confusion starts if you’re in between. Apply a little latitude and a little leniency:

  • If your Moon is 3 signs ahead of your Sun, you’re a first quarter baby
  • If your Moon is in the opposite sign as your Sun, you were born under a Full Moon
  • If your Moon is 3 signs behind your Sun, you’re a third quarter type
  • If your Moon is around 1 sign behind your Sun, you’re balsamic
  • For the rest? Apply the whole what am I closest to test.

The thing with these is, if you’re in between, say New Moon and waxing crescent, you’ll probably have some of the enthusiasm of the new, with the restlessness of the crescent.

Ok, today you have homework. See if you can figure out what Moon phases each of the celebrities below were born under…
moon kylie

moon bill clinton

moon diana

moon grace kelly

Next week: The personality traits of the waxing Moon types…