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Tuesday Toolbox 20


Ok, so last time we introduced the idea of the phases of the Moon. Today we’ll talk a little bit more about the cycle and over the next couple of weeks we’ll look at what the cycle means to your chart.

Along the way, we’ll be introducing the concept of aspects, so if you haven’t come across these before, listen up.

The best way to think about the cycle of the Moon is to think of the cycle of an idea, or project. The principles are the same…so please bear with me.

Think about the time of the New Moon.

The night sky is dark, the Moon not at all visible. At this point the Sun and the Moon are joined- conjunct. Their energies are combined. Your head and your heart are on the same wavelength. It’s into this environment that the seed of a new idea is sown. At this point there is no light, the outcome is not known. You’re venturing with childish enthusiasm into something you can’t see. How hard can it be?

At the waxing Crescent, the promise of the Full Moon can be seen in outline. So too can your idea. Your concept is being sketched out. This is a dynamic, restless time and represents the nature of most change.

The First Quarter, or waxing square, is a time of challenge or friction. The potential is there- and growing- but so too is the knowledge that for something new to grow, something else will need to be replaced. Some part of the past will need to be left behind in order to build new structures. Choices will need to be made, and challenges faced. The enthusiasm for the new that you started with, is being replaced with hesitancy and fear. It’s this fear and unwillingness to let go of something that needs to be let go of that could inhibit your ability and willingness to act and build the change.

At the waxing Gibbous, the picture of how things could be is in sight. The outlines are being coloured in and the details becoming known. Your challenge is making it through any obstacles that might crop up and distract you from your path.

The Full Moon is culmination and full illumination. The Moon is now in opposition to the Sun and fully visible.

If you’ve dealt positively with the changes, choices and challenges that have been presented so far, the Full Moon brings revelation or fulfilment…or both. Something may have ended, something may have been replaced, or something might now be able to be seen and understood from a new perspective.

The thing about change- even the successful ones- is that they all involve a period of re-adjustment and fine-tuning as learning is absorbed and disseminated. That’s what the waning part of the Moon’s cycle is for.

If the venture begun at the New Moon was unsuccessful, the waning period is one of reflection, review, re-defining, and recognition of what could be done differently next time- like a sort of key learnings or Post Implementation Review.

This can be a period of creative meaning and renewed focus.

Where the waxing square was about making choices and using the friction and potential of challenges to grow and develop, the purpose of the challenging aspects in the Third Quarter or waning square are very different to the purpose of these same aspects in the waxing cycle. You’re still being faced with choices, but here the temptation is to resolutely stick to a decision or habit or project that no longer holds relevance for you.

As the Moon’s light fades to black- the Balsamic phase- you let go of that which is no longer required to go forward with into the next cycle.

Next time: how to find out what phase you were born under