Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox 2.5: Mars


Mars is about energy, action, desire, willpower, stamina, strength, courage, passion, the motivation to go after the things that you want.

When your mojo has gone missing, you need to look to Mars to find out what its’ not getting.

When it comes to Mars, the question you ask is: what are you really hungry for?

Mars spends about 2 months in each sign, and makes one full trip around the zodiac in just under 2 years. Mars goes retrograde for about 2 ½ months every two years.

The Symbol…

The symbol for Mars is below.



  • By nature, it is hot, dry, masculine, inflammatory, energetic, excessive, malefic, expansive, drastic.
  • Mars rules heat
  • Mars is involved with all the methods by which we generate, maintain and use energy.
  • Mars in strong signs or good aspect to the Sun is generally someone with great vitality, strong constitutions, and good powers of recovery- relatively speaking…
  • Mars is strongest in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn, and weaker in Taurus, Libra and Cancer- again relatively, not absolutely speaking. In Aries Mars is competitive, in Scorpio he’s passionate and in Capricorn he’s ambitious.
  • Mars in weaker signs can be a tad sluggish, apathetic or can’t be faffed. Relatively speaking.In Taurus he can tend to indolence or slow to start, in Cancer he can tend to passive aggression, and in Libra he can tend to be overly compromising or indecisive. Notice I said “tend to”…

Sign Placement…

The sign that your Mars is in will tell you how you assert yourself, express your desires, and your willingness to dive into something new.

I have Mars in Scorpio. With me it’s about intensity. I’m prone to the occasional power struggle and revenge fantasy. I’m passionate, compulsive, can be jealous, tend to have good staying power. For me to go after what I want, I have to attach deeply and emotionally.

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What sign is your Mars in?
  2. What element is your Mars in? What do you think this might say about how you initiate activity? What motivates you to action?
  3. What does your sign say about how you go after what you want? Any strengths or challenges?
  4. Is there something that your Mars wants that it’s not getting?

House Placement…

Wherever Mars is in your chart is that area of life where you are likely to take action, pursue your desires, stand your ground, fight your corner, take a few risks, and act impulsively. It’s this part of life that gets your motor running. It’s here that you can find vitality and motivation. It’s also your personal battlefield.

Eg my Mars is in the 8th house. I need intense experiences…perhaps that’s enough said about that…

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What house is your Mars in?
  2. What does this say about what turns you on, brings you conflict? Do you take more risks in this part of life?

Who does Mars talk to?

Aspects to other planets can help and hinder Mars in expressing itself to its fullest potential. Difficult aspects can mean that you have difficulty in allowing yourself to take action and asserting yourself…or know when to stop when it comes to standing up for yourself ie aggression rather than assertion. Relatively speaking.

Happy Mars

Assertive, active, courageous

Not so happy Mars

Selfish, aggressive, cruel, insensitive, bombastic


If you have Mars retrograde natally*, you tend to direct your anger inwards- appearing controlled to everyone else. The risk is a volcanic explosion! You probably, once you get started, have good staying power, but may hesitate before taking action or asking for help.

*Don’t know if Mars is retrograde in your chart? If you’ve cast your chart using, there’ll be a little r beside the symbol. If you’ve cast your chart using astrogold, the degrees will be in red.


We’ll talk more about rulerships as we go along, but for now:

  • Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio, so is influential over that part of life that has these signs on the house cusp.
  • Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn
  • Mars is in its’ detriment in Taurus and Libra- both Venus ruled signs.
  • Mars is in its’ fall in Cancer.

For now? Hold this thought too…I promise we’ll get back to it.

Next time….Jupiter.