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Where was I before that rude interruption of the editorial kind?

About to tell you about the bucket shape.

This pattern is one of the easier ones to identify- and interpret. It looks like a bowl shape except for one planet (or a couple of planets joined very tightly together) separated from the rest on the opposite side of the chart. This planet is referred to as a “singleton” planet or the “handle” of the chart.

Some astrologers might also call it the “funnel.” Pick the term you like the best.

Technically, all planets with the exception of the singleton will be concentrated within 180 degrees or 6 signs.

As an aside, if all planets (other than the singleton) are concentrated within 120-140°, it might be referred to as a Fan pattern. Minor technical detail- unless, of course, you’re into technical details.

Anyways, with the bucket chart, ou get the focus of the bowl pattern, with the potential balancing of the handle planet.

This is another chart pattern where the potential for achievement is high- just check out the charts I’ve used to illustrate it below. The thing is, many people with this pattern ignore the handle plane. Given that the energy of this chart is released or funnelled (hence why some refer to this as the “funnel” planet) into this particular planet, ignoring what this planet means should be done at your own peril.

Without going into too much depth around chart interpretations, two of the charts below really stood out for me.

Richard Branson is one of those people for whom there is no limit and nothing beyond the realm of possibilities- something that has really been harnessed through that Jupiter in Pisces. Seriously textbook.

Richard Branson

Also, from the “you couldn’t make a chart like this up” category, is Albert Einstein’s…Uranus is the handle to his chart- in Virgo.

Albert Einstein


And here are a few more…


Meryl Streep

Clint Eastwood