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So anyways, now that we’ve looked at what qualities make up each sign, let’s look at how they impact our experience of the houses and attitude to that part of life.

Ok, now it’s time to pull your chart back out. You should have overlaid it with notes so it’s got the hint words that we’ve been talking about.

the quadrants

Have you done that?

Now look at the signs on the cusp of your houses. These will add a layer to the chart that’s personal to you. Sure, the planets within will tell you even more, but there’s so much you can learn just from this exercise.

What I’d like you to do is add the words associated with the signs that are on the cusp of yours.

Mine (obviously not completed) looks like:

jo chart empty

What does this mean?

Let’s take my 4th house as an example.

The 4th house is, as we’ve seen, about home, family, roots and our attitudes to these things. I have Gemini on the cusp of my 4th house. This means that I layer my attitude to matters of home, family etc with a mutable and airily detached or intellectual approach. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about these aspects of life, just that my home, family etc is an idea or concept rather than something fixed and solid. Home can be wherever my family is.

I moved around a lot when I was a child, and even now get restless if somewhere too long. We’ve been in this house for 17years and I’m constantly changing it- it’s much cheaper than the stamp duty if we were to move overtime that got restless. I fill my home with books, music, technology and changing interests.

My husband, on the other hand, has a fixed sign- Leo- on the cusp of his 4th house. Without knowing anything about him, we’d know that home for him is closely aligned with identity security (Leo), that he prefers to stay put (fixed) and his home is his castle (Leo).

Another example? Look at my 10th house. It has Sagittarius on the cusp. The 10th is associated with career, achievement and the way the world sees you eg your title and position. Again, this house is mutable for me, and is ruled by a Fire sign. Structure and bureaucracy is not important to me. Sagittarius is associated with experience and broadening of horizons, and fire signs are creative and space-loving. I don’t do well in jobs where I’m micro managed to a fixed job description. I do best when I’m moving around, between, learning, teaching.

I have Aries on the cusp of my 2nd house. I will actively pursue what I need in an Aries sort of way. My identity (Aries) is tied in with what I earn and how I earn it (2nd house), and I’ll take action (cardinal) to protect those resources that I need to survive (2nd). It’s the houses that are ruled by cardinal signs that I really take action, charge and absolute responsibility  in- the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th.

My learning houses (3rd, 6th , 9th  and 12th ) all have fixed signs ruling them. It’s these areas of life that I have to shake up every now and again so that I can absorb what I need to in order to change my experience and grow. I can stubbornly hold onto opinions, habits and routines- even when they are no longer doing me any good.

The Cross of Matter in my chart is ruled by mutable signs- it’s in these parts of life that I learn, adapt and adjust. Transits to these parts of life (both easy and hard) tend to be, for me, more readily accepted.

Try it for yourself.

What do the signs on the cusps of your houses tell you about yourself and your attitude to and experience of these parts of your life? Make some notes and pop it away somewhere safe- you’ll need to know this when it comes to understanding how transits impact you.

Need more words…a hint or three?

Below are some keywords associated with each sign…use them wisely…

Aries: courage, will, self focus, confident, initiate, first, hunter, enthusiasm, inspiration, vital, mission, conquer, activation

Taurus: pleasure, solid, stable, security, possessions, money, beauty, loyal, stubborn, sensual, practical, patient, indulgent, enduring, storage, regulating

Gemini: curious, inquisitive, intelligent, witty, cheeky mischievous, communication, perception, learning, connect the dots

Cancer: sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, selfless, giving, caring, protective, moody, receptive, enfolding, containment

Leo: artistic, dramatic, regal, proud, leadership, performer, expressive, creative, concentration, glowing, personality

Virgo: systematic, ordered, purifying, analytical, process orientated, practical, precise, discriminating, critical

Libra: art, beauty, harmony, peace, relationship, debate, cooperation, diplomacy, compromise, mediator, peacemaker, justice, fairness, balancing, sharing, partnership

Scorpio: focused, driven, ambitious, emotionally intense, persistence, determination, desire, depth, magnetic, purifying

Sagittarius: travel, higher learning, thirst for new experiences, philosophical, questing, seeking, teaching

Capricorn: hardworking, diligent, practical, ambitious, loner, prudent, conservative, economical, achievement, goals, structural, efficiency of resources

Aquarius: detached, intelligent, social, rebellious, individual, unorthodox, logical, team, utopia, groups

Pisces: adaptable, compassionate, psychic, creative, spiritual, escapist, dreamer, subjective, imagination, diffusion, non-discriminatory

Did you notice something? You have a part of every single sign in the zodiac in you…influencing you…