Transits by association….


Saturday 12 October

Moon in Capricorn

I didn’t publish yesterdays daily planets post. It was a little too Capricorn Moon in style. Todays was likely to be the same, so I’m not posting it either. Despite the blue skies, I’m finding this Capricorn Moon cycle particularly bleak. Don’t worry, it won’t last- there’s a Sun/Jupiter square around the corner…

But, as my mother said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…or talk about the weather.

So I didn’t post. I strategized and plotted. Trust me, under this little floaty Piscean exterior lies a lot of Pluto. And there’s nothing like a sexually transmitted Saturn transit to get my Scorpio Mars into full on seething mode.

It made me think, though, about transits. About how things don’t just happen to us. When you’re in a relationship, any sort of relationship, transits don’t just impact you, they impact your partner through synastry. Just as your chart makes connections to theirs, so too do the transits received by each.

What do I mean by that?

Take mine and hubby’s chart as an example. Hubby is currently having a pesky Saturn transit. Soon Saturn will be conjunct his Mars and trine my Ascendant. Because his Mars is trine my Ascendant, my Saturn/Ascendant transit will be flavoured by his 6th house Saturn-Mars transit. When Saturn was conjunct his Sun, it was also conjunct my Mars and gave a Saturn feel to our Mars-Sun connection. Next year when Saturn moves to sextile his 10th house Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, it will also trine my Sun.

In our case, because his Saturn makes easy aspects to mine, and because his Scorpio planets make easy aspects to mine, these Saturn transits of his may just provide opportunities for both of us. Besides, he deals with Saturn well- much better than I do.

When Saturn was in Libra, the only major aspect he made to my chart was an opposition to Venus. Yeah, that was tough, but somehow it felt tougher than I expected that it would. It also zapped at my vitality and my image of myself. Yet, Saturn wasn’t making any (traditional) aspects to my Sun or Ascendant…was he?

When Saturn conjoined his Libra Venus- and trined his Gemini Moon- because his Moon squares my Sun and Ascendant, I also received his Saturn transit. He sailed through it- after all, he does Saturn and Venus positively. I do neither well, so I didn’t enjoy his transit much at all.

Likewise, he suffered more from my Uranus conjunctions than I did- because I’m more comfortable with Uranian energy than he is.

Get the idea?

Don’t just look at your nearest and dearest. What happens when your business partner is copping it from Pluto? Does the part of her chart receiving that transit connect with yours? Also, don’t look just at the potentially difficult side of this. My forthcoming Saturn-Ascendant trine will potentially be helped by his Saturn/Saturn sextile.

Take it even further. What about if the Prime Minister is receiving a transit from Saturn- how does that impact the chart of Australia? Our new Prime Minister’s Sun is at 11 Scorpio. That’s one helluva powerful Saturn-Sun conjunction he’s just had. In the chart for Australian Federation, Australia’s Sun is at 10 Capricorn. Yep. Regardless of the politics (I’m so not going there on this one) that’s a pretty big opportunity for change…I’d comment on whether I think that the change will be positive, but, as my mother says, if you can’t say anything nice… the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

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