Towards 2017…

Those of you who have been reading along for a while will know that here at Jo Tracey Astrology we’re all about doing it for yourself. As I did last year, I’ll be popping up a series of posts to help you choose and set goals for 2017 – if, indeed, you’re inclined to do the goal-setting thing.

It goes without saying that to get any value from these posts, you probably should:

  • know your chart
  • know how to read the degrees on your chart, and
  • understand what each of the houses means

If you don’t know this, it’s probably best to go back to the beginning. This post, this post and this post will help with that.

The first step in that is knowing what the planets are doing in 2017 – in particular the big guys – and knowing the date and degree of each of the New Moons and Full Moons. Of course you can do this yourself using an ephemeris. I’ve even told you how to do that here. If you really can’t be faffed and want to take a near enough is good enough type of attitude (entirely up to you), I’ve popped the major degree movements of the outer planets below (I’ve also updated those tabs on the menu bar for easy reference). Essentially:

  • Uranus will start the year at 20 Aries 34′, reach 28 Aries 32′ before turning around, and finish 2017 somewhere around 24 Aries (retrograde). Uranus will therefore cover degrees between 20 Aries and 28 Aries during 2017.
  • Neptune will start the year at 9 Pisces 44′, reach 14 Pisces 16′ before turning retrograde, and finish 2017 just under 12 Pisces (direct). Neptune will therefore cover degrees between 9 Pisces and 14 Pisces during 2017.
  • Pluto will start the year at 16 Capricorn 57′, reach 19 Capricorn 24′ before turning retrograde, and will finish 2017 at 18 Capricorn 45′. Pluto will therefore cover degrees between 16 Capricorn and 19 Capricorn during 2017.
  • Saturn will cover territory between 21 Sagittarius and 27 Sagittarius
  • Jupiter will cover all degrees between 13 Libra and 16 Scorpio

I’ve also (under the menu tab on the website) popped up a little something on how to look at transits from each of these planets – your job is to look at your chart and work out whether you’ll be impacted by any of these this year. You’ll find:

Looking at these ranges and knowing my chart as I do, I can tell immediately that this year I can look forward to (at least):

  • a square from Uranus to Jupiter
  • I have no planets at all in the range of degrees influenced by Neptune in 2017
  • My Ascendant and Sun will continue to be blessed (if, indeed, blessed is the appropriate word) from Pluto all through 2017
  • Saturn will square my Sun and my Moon
  • Jupiter will oppose Venus, conjunct Mars, trine Mercury and also trine my Ascendant

In the next post I’ll tell you what I do with this information.

Oh, before I finish, I’ve also updated the new Moon and Full Moon dates for 2017 – including the eclipses. You’ll find it here. But wait, there’s more…the retrograde dates for 2017 are also up. You’ll find them here.