Total Eclipse of the Heart


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Imagine you are living hundreds of years ago doing something that people did hundreds of years ago… maybe you were a shepherd or a … they always seemed to be shepherds… Anyway, there you are sitting around your fire roasting whatever it was shepherds hundreds of years ago roasted and admiring the brightness of the Full Moon when you see a shadow start to pass across it. Just a little, then more & more of the Moon is covered by the shadow until the night becomes dark. As black as the New Moon. Then after a little while the shadow moves back across and again the night sky is lit up…somehow brighter than it was before.

It is sort of like a door is closed across the Moon and then re-opened. And then things start to happen. Bad things, fateful things, portential things. You don’t have access to Twitter or Facebook, so get all the news when you next reach a village, but soon people start to put it all together. When a shadow crosses over the Sun or the Moon things happen.

Now, take it one step further. Suppose this happens at the Winter solstice. One of the most important days in the pagan calendar. The longest night of the year. From the depth of winter nights the Sun God is born. A powerful time for wishes and spells. Imagine the power when an eclipse falls at the same time?

So it is now. Tomorrow night (around 6.13pm Sydney time) a Lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini 20’ will occur. Just a few hours later, the Sun moves into Capricorn & the Solstice occurs.

These days we have access to news 24/7 and see the prevalence of natural disasters around the globe which just happen to fall close to the eclipse date. From a personal viewpoint, if you track back a direct hit to your natal chart from an eclipse, something will happen. Maybe not immediately, maybe not on the day, but something that is fateful & transformational will occur in the weeks or months following. I have friends who have reported major & sudden break-ups on the day whilst others, like fellow astrologer & eclipse expert April Elliott Kent reports meeting her future husband around eclipse time. (If you want to know more about eclipses go to her website- Big Sky Astrology).

Consider the eclipse as a trigger. Transits which have been building will be activated if the eclipse falls with around 2 degrees of a planet or angle (eg Ascendant, Midheaven) in your chart. Whatever is delivered by the eclipse will be consistent with the promise of your natal chart & whatever transits are happening. Eg if you are stuck, the eclipse will deliver an intense push- it’s up to you to decide what to do with that. As to what will happen? Eclipses are inconsistent wild cards in the pack. Expect the unexpected.

I find that where the hit to a planet is a couple of degrees away, the impact may also be delayed. In the latter half of 2006, there were 2 eclipses which aspected my Moon (one solar & one lunar) & one (lunar) which was conjunct my Ascendant. By Xmas of that year, the promise of these eclipses had changed my life. It was as if I had been jolted awake and the whole world seemed different. Sure it was painful- lunar eclipses to the Moon are a crisis of the heart- but absolutely necessary in the grander scheme of things. The next (& I hope even more exciting) stage of what was begun at that point is happening now.

I read something once (& apologies regarding credit- I simply can’t recall who write it…) who said that experiencing an eclipse on a sensitive part of your chart will be like being in a lit room on a dark night & having someone turn the lights out. When they come back on, everything seems so much brighter and focused. You see and feel things clearer. And lunar eclipses definitely prompt you to feel.

This particular eclipse falls at 29 Sagittarius. If you have planets or angles between 27-30 degrees in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo this eclipse will have a definite impact on you. Take notice of the house in which the eclipse falls and the nature of the planet receiving the aspect. Lunar eclipse are very often an ending of something or when something comes to a fruition…actually that is really the same thing in a way. Sometimes a door has to close so another can be opened.

From a personal viewpoint, this eclipse falls in my 10th house & forms a square to my Pisces Moon. This brings into focus for me the issues of the 4th, the 10th & the 1st– what constitutes home, my public profile & my own sense of self & security. As April Elliott Kent wrote in an Eclipse report I ordered from her earlier this year- until you make peace with the past, you are unable to move forward.*

A challenge to the Moon by an eclipse represents a need to go beyond your usual boundaries of safety, security & sense of self in order to build closer connections. Hmmm. Given that there has been a heap of pretty intense activity on my Moon lately, it is like the Universe is giving me a right kicking up the behind & reinforcing the bleeding obvious. I have a feeling that I know what it all means, but also really don’t want to acknowledge the vulnerability that is required to make it all happen.

*If you want to order your own Eclipse report “Followed by a Moonshadow”, contact April direct at this link.

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This eclipse affects me similar to you, but instead of falling on my 10th, falls in my 4th, squaring my piscis moon also. Can you help me figure out a little bit?


Hi Mia, the themes of the eclipse will be similar for you ie 4th/10th what security & home means to you & how that then reflects back on your public persona ie career, work/life balance- naturally playing into the relationships with others & yourself. You didn’t mention if the Moon is in the 1st or the 7th for you? Either way, with Uranus & Jupiter at that end of Pisces you will be getting the electricity regardless. An eclipse to the Moon is a challenge to your security & can leave you open & emotionally vulnerable- which is not necessarily a bad thing & not necessarily a painful thing, but is a crisis of sorts. All the best with it!

My moon is in Piscis in my first house. I’m a sag Sun, Piscis rising+Piscis Moon. I’ve been having so many changes lately, but really good ones.. I hope this is a new aperture.

With Uranus there would be heaps of changes. Don’t be scared- you’re a Sag remember! Yep, I’m Pisces Rising & 1st house Moon as well. So, this one is all about you & thats pretty cool when you think about it…& so much better to have stuff happening than to be flat lining, don’t you think???

Hi Jo!
I have mars in sag at 27 degrees and neptune in sag at 28, both in second house
the eclipse happens while moon is trnasiting my 8 house
can u tell me please, brefly what will this transit bring to me?
thank you!

Hi Anida. Check out what other transits you are having too for ideas, but in isolation, Mars contacts are usually around hunter/prey/survival or sexual issues. You may need to defend yourself in some area or alternatively tone down the aggression. Neptune is about faith, but bear in mind that Neptune placements are generational. The 2nd/8th axis is around resources, the things that you value & interdependency- are you fearful of being dependent on someone or having someone be dependent on you?

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