Too much is never enough…and less is never ever more! Jupiter in Taurus

© Roxana González |
© Roxana González |

In Kundalini yoga we do this mantra for prosperity and abundance. It sort of sounds something like a “har” sound with this rolling “r” on the end like the rolling “r’s” that really strong Scottish accents have. We do this other one that I always used to think was named after the rice crackers sakata, but is actually sa ta na ma. This sort of loosely translates to infinity, life, death & re-birth.

Anyways, the concept of infinity is a Jupiter one, as is prosperity, faith and abundance- but not necessarily the rolling in lots of lovely money abundance. At its’ highest level this is a prosperity of faith, of generosity of spirit- the concept of having more than enough and enough to share around.

Jupiter is also known as the expander of stuff- he makes things bigger- regardless of whether this is a good or bad thing. He doesn’t care- in Jupiters’ view too much is never enough and less is very definitely not more…more on that later…

So what happens when one great benefic (a planet that brings luck, opportunity, optimism and stimulus) meets the other benefic (Venus)? Because that is exactly what the next 12 months of Jupiter in Taurus will be like- as if Jupiter and Venus are co-joined for that period of time.

Jupiter and Venus together tend to equal indulgence- whether it is in food, shopping or just a lot of a good thing. Visually you might think of shopping nirvana, rivers of chocolate or piles of gold. Taurus also represents leisure- the concept of taking ones’ time, taking things slowly, preparing the ground to maximise its fertility, sowing the seeds of practical growth and success.

So, Jupiter in Taurus…Will it bring more money? Possibly, but then again, you may just be overly extravagant and spend a little too much- over confident that there will be more coming. Will it bring more luck? Possibly, but then again you may just recognise opportunities as they present themselves to you. Maybe there won’t be more money. Maybe you will choose instead to share your good fortune and resources to benefit others. Maybe you will finally decide that you are enough…exactly as you are.

Taurus, as we know, is not the most readily mobile of signs…so to speak. Taurus likes to conserve energy and is less likely to jump up and chase after something new without a reasonable amount of inducement. For those of you with Taurus on the ascendant, the temptation may be to stand still or wait and see.

Taurus rules the throat and is often associated with food, so the temptation to comfort eat when things seem to be moving too fast is higher than normal while Jupiter is transiting this part of your chart. It is under these circumstances that Jupiter transits can lead to weight gain as the body is expanded rather than the personality or outlook.

Taurus also represents personal values and, indeed, how you value yourself. Do you need to be a little more generous to yourself? Fear of exposure can also keep you on the couch, so a little (or a lot) of Jupiterian kindness directed to yourself will be more enlightening than escaping into whatever your place or poison or chocolate box of choice is.

Think about where Taurus is in your chart as an indication as to where indulgence, abundance and extravagance may be found. Think also about the nature of your Jupiter- good luck often comes to those who recognise the opportunities being presented and are inclined to push that door open.

Jupiter transits, unlike those of Saturn, are not really designed to teach you anything. Jupiter doesn’t care whether or not you take the chances he presents you with. He is quite happy to shrug his shoulders and charge off to the next party- you may be the one left with the shoulda woulda coulda regrets…and possibly a few extra kilos. Personally? As one in the middle of a very painful effort to rid a heap of kilos caused from a fear of expansion (ironic, isn’t it?) and way too much self indulgence, I would much prefer taking the risk of exposure next time. Je ne regrette rien.