To be or not to be… and other questions….


We all want to know stuff. Am I right or am I right? Sometimes we want to know stuff before the Universe thinks we are ready to know it. Sometimes we want to know it so we can control it. Sometimes we want to know it because it gives power over someone else. Sometimes we want to know just because we want to know.

When we want to know what we want to know, when we want to know it, we can ask the Magic 8 ball or we can cast a chart- a horary chart, that is.

More reliable than the Magic 8 ball (yes, really), horary has been practiced for hundreds of years and was traditionally the way astrologers operated way back when they didn’t have Solarfire or Astro Gold on their iphones. Back when astrological consultations were quick and simple affairs, when counselling wasn’t required and the emotional reasons behind a decision or a finding didn’t need to be explored to the nth degree.

The master back in those days was William Lilly. But if you want to learn more about this technique now, grab yourself one of John Frawley’s books- The Horary Textbook is my personal favourite, although Sports Astrology has been invaluable when engaging in the fine and ancient art of footy tipping. You can order his books through the website.

In fact it is from The Horary Textbook that this definition comes from:

“Horary is the art of drawing specific answers to specific questions from an astrological chart set for the time the question is asked. It is quick, simple and effective, providing concrete verifiable answers.”

What sort of questions? Make them specific:

Will I get the job?

Should I stay where I am or go?

How does he feel about me?

Will he leave his wife (do I really need a chart for that???)

Will we hook up?

When will I get paid?

Will I lose my job?

When will I lose my job?

There is no ambivalence. The answer is the answer and unless the querent (the technical word for the person asking the question) is prepared to ask a clear question and accept the answer, it is probably not worth doing.

The most popular questions these days are around love, money and career. Most of us don’t trust the signals we receive (or is that just me) and might need to ask the question about the object of our affection.

The most common problem querents (there is that word again) have with horary is its’ simplicity. There is no room for emotion of what if ‘s or buts or he saids. He is into you or he isn’t.

I stuffed up at work today- does my boss still like me? Nope, he is pretty pissed with you at the moment.

I am in love with this guy at work, how does he feel about me? Actually, he isn’t really into you from a shag viewpoint, but sees you as a friend.

Will he and I get together? Why didn’t you ask that question first?

Will the guy at work and I hook up? Both significators are conjunct each other- are you sure you are not already sleeping together?

Get the idea?

Over the last week or so I have had cause to cast a few horaries for different people- a couple job related, a couple relationship orientated, one for a lost item (where did I leave my ipod?) and one frustration related (he said he would ring by 10- where is he?). I have previously cast them for luggage left in Sydney when I was in Melbourne (when would it arrive? The answer made me rush out to Myer to buy a change of undies for the next day). I cast one for the most recent Australian election & the AFL Grand Final. I have cast numerous to find out whether my team or my friends team or my husbands team or my bosses team would win the football that weekend. I even cast a chart when the server went missing between Adelaide and Brisbane. Check out the horary category for some examples.

But for now, I need to tell hubby that I have to go to Brisbane again…the question? Will he be pissed off? The answer…hmmmm now is a good a time as any- the Moon is in Leo, he is pretty ambivalent.