Timebomb- Saturn 8th house transits

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Back in February, Saturn stationed retrograde at 11 Scorpio 31’…or thereabouts.

The great ringed one hung about at this position for weeks- although for anyone with chart points or planets at 10- 12 Scorpio, it felt like longer.

As I’ve mentioned in a few Uranus posts, the last six years have felt like a reinvention of sorts- first with Pluto squaring my 1st house planets- all of them- and generally shaking up my career zone. Then Uranus moved in to the first and changed my life. Forever.

In hindsight, though, the transits of these two big hitters- while the change they brought was complete and transformational and, at times, painful- has been easier (and I use the term relatively) than Saturn’s transit of my 7th and 8th house has been.

Part of this is because with my chart as it is, I live with the energies of Uranus and Pluto on a daily basis, whereas Saturn is a weak presence in my chart.

Perhaps the biggest portion of this reinvention process was a redundancy from my partition job in Christmas of 2011, and a career reinvention. Saturn had moved into my 8th house just a few months before- in the July, when the whole corporate reorganisation thing started.

Thankfully, with an understanding of astrology, I knew that Saturn’s transit through the 8th would mean that money could be tight for the next couple of years. I would have liked to have been wrong. Our money and the resources (both financial and otherwise) of the partnership have come under Saturn’s glare. There have been tax issues to deal with…and death- something that hasn’t really raised its presence in my life much up until now.

With the opposition to Venus and my 2nd house, there’s also been my ability to self-resource that’s been under question. I’ve gone from a salary with a lot of figures in it and a title to match to, well, very little. That’s required, to say the least some adjustment.

If I thought the 7th house relating patterns lesson was a tough one, this 8th house one has been tougher.

While I’m not in this business to play the forecasting game, I am in it to be aware of upcoming themes and somehow prepare… where possible. I’m no stranger to corporate restructure- over the last 14 years of my career, I had 10 restructures where my job had been declared vacant in a spill. My record stands at 6 over a 5 year period. I’d learnt how to read the signs and I knew before this one was announced, that it would be the last.

I figured I had a choice. I could continue as if nothing was happening, make no changes and then when the bills etc hit throw up my hands and wail about how unfair life is and why does this always happen to me…or I could look at 8th house themes in advance of the transit and begin preparations. To that end I spent the 6-12 months prior to the redundancy budgeting and shifting around finances- doing whatever I could in order to make the payout last until some different income started to come in.

I also attempted to prepare myself mentally and emotionally- attempt being the appropriate word- although nothing was able to prepare me for how it felt to not have a secure and regular income, or to have people deride what I was doing and constantly ask when I was going back to work. The implication, of course, being that what I was doing, what I was trying to do, was not real work because nobody else was paying me for it and there were very few actual outcomes to be measured. In many ways the loss of a titled role was tougher than the loss of the money.

The thing is, what’s happened and what I’ve done and dealt with, is no different to what millions of others have to do every day. I was lucky in that I knew redundancy was coming- and was able to plan and prepare accordingly. I was lucky that the company I worked for had a reasonable payout scheme in place, that Australian workplace laws require that. I’m grateful that I have a stable family structure supporting me and I’m lucky in that in understanding astrology, I was able to see the upcoming themes and have an idea in which direction the lessons would be coming from- even if I didn’t know exactly what those lessons would be or how I would react to them.

I’ve used that knowledge every day over the last 12-18 months when I’ve fought against the temptation to “go back to work.” Sure it would have been easier, but it wouldn’t satisfy the changes that Pluto and Uranus had been building in the background.

Back in February, Saturn went within a hairs breath of moving out of the 8th and into my 9th house- just a few minutes of orb, to be exact- before declaring that I hadn’t yet learnt my lesson, and turning around to go back into the depths.

I went back to the drawing board- what other 8th house themes needed to be confronted and dealt with. Death? Fear? Huge joint and household bills? Debt restructure? Further budgeting? Yep, all of the above…and then some.

With Saturn about (finally) to move out of his shadow and tread new ground into Scorpio, his stay in my 8th house is just a week or so away from being done.

What have I learnt? So much. So much. Not enough.

For a start our spending patterns are very different- and that’s a good thing. We shop smarter, waste very little, and eat much healthier.  I budget, file and organise. I like to think that I’m a little braver. I’m definitely more mature and responsible in regards to financial matters- and given that I not only have an Economics degree, but worked in finance or finance related industries for most of my partition career, that’s saying a lot.

Some lessons have been more difficult to talk about and deal with- those involving other Scorpio or 8th house themes. You don’t need the details. I’ve had to be grown up about these too. I guess that’s the nature of that.

Saturn right now is packing his bags and about to head out of this part of my life…I won’t be sorry to see him go. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t see the need to leave me with a farewell present.

Does this mean that if Saturn is transiting your 8th house you’ll lose your job? Never have sex again? End up in bankruptcy court? Absolutely not. Saturn transits, like all transits, deliver to the Saturn promise in your chart and are personal to you. Where is Saturn for you right now? Pop your birth details into astro.com and find out. What does this mean? Check out my Saturn page for hints as to what Saturn transits mean to you.