Time to Think- Mercury in Taurus

© Olyashevchenko | Dreamstime.com
© Olyashevchenko | Dreamstime.com

Even if I do say so myself, I have been on creative fire over the last couple of months. I have come up with some pretty cool schemes & potential business ideas- none of which I will probably follow through with. My personal favourite is a reality TV show involving the office furniture equivalent of dumpster diving…Grand Designs style on a bargain basement budget…you heard it here first.

In true Pisces style I will come with a million shoulda woulda coulda excuses- of which the main one is that whilst they are pretty cool ideas (well, to my mind), at the end of the day they make no logical, let alone financial or practical sense.

But that is the nature firstly of Mercury in Pisces- where any dream is possible; and then Mercury in Aries- where ideas come thick, fast and break new ground. In Pisces dreams are made. In Aries, ideas are generated and ambitions articulated. In Taurus, they are either turned into concrete goals or buried in concrete.

When Mercury is in Taurus these ideas are analysed using every sense until it is fully understood. Each proposal must have a practical and demonstrable outcome. Questions require answers… proper answers, not Aries spin… Concepts need to be fully understood in terms of “what does this mean to me?” and “what will this mean for my security?” and “what will I gain from this?” Not that Taurus is necessarily self centred, but, as an earth sign, her base motivation is that of physical and material security and the preservation of that.

Mercury is by nature quite flexible- hence the terms “mercurial” or “quick silver”, but in Taurus, arguably the most fixed of fixed signs (the term “stuck in the mud” comes to mind…) he is quite change resistant. OK, I will be the one to say it- in Taurus, Mercury is downright stubborn, rigid and a lot more closed to new ideas. To let go of the old is to threaten security- there is comfort in the way things are.

With Mercury in Taurus, you take your time to ponder and absorb and only when the concept is fully understood do you make your decision. To use the garden analogy that tends to accompany most blogs Taurus: the soil is properly prepared, values and commitments considered, the ground checked over (again) for underlying pipes and power cables so that whatever is planted can take root and grow tall & strong….

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so art and beauty is important- even in speech. Although what Mercury in Taurus has to say may be down to earth and realistic, it will be said in a voice that is usually quite pleasant- a voice you want to listen to and that you will take seriously.

And that is a good thing- because whilst Mercury in Taurus isn’t as garrulous as he is in other signs (looking at you Gemini…), when she does open his mouth to speak, she will do so carefully, placidly and generally slowly. She says it like it is, without embellishment or bubbles or scattered meanings. The facts as they are.

Mercury in Taurus rarely is caught with Foot In Mouth Syndrome- he thinks before he speaks and he thinks while he is speaking (maybe I can learn a thing or two from this).

This placement does, however, find it difficult to let imagination take full flight, but what they lack in this regard, they make up for in sensual appreciation. Mercury in Taurus usually has very well developed senses.

(As an aside, Mercury in Taurus often has a more than reasonable singing voice too- it just takes a little more to get him out from behind a hairbrush (insert here whatever you sing into- whether it be hairdryer, wooden spoon or bottle of Crown Lager) & behind a microphone! This is especially true if Mercury happens to be nicely aspected by Venus or Neptune…but that is by the by…

Kate Ceberano (an Aussie singer) wrote a song about an argument a few years back. Called “Time to Think”, it could very well have been written for Mercury in Taurus. In the song, she tells her partner that she needs to go away for a while to process what has happened. She needs some time to think and time to settle down. She takes care of the practical stuff and lets him know that his dinner is in the microwave, the cat has been fed, but the milk is off, so he might need to go to the store. All very boring, but rational.

She allows herself to consider what has happened, she replays seeing him with the other woman, the picture lingers like a strange perfume. Mercury in Taurus uses all senses to, well, to make sense of a situation. The change in environment that all of this has exposed her too annoys her and the little things that used to be her routine, but aren’t no longer shit her. Mercury in Taurus does not like change.

Ultimately she knows that given time, they will meet and chat. He will placate her and remind her why she fell in love with him. Maybe they will start anew. If any sign can rationalise and move on, it is Taurus. At the end of the day, the security provided by stability is safe and usually respectable- the alternative, unknown, is not.

I need some time, time to think and time to settle down

Song lyrics by Kate Ceberano.

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