Time to Think Again- Saturn Retrograde

(Pic courtesy of Dreamstime)
(Pic courtesy of Dreamstime)

Cast your mind back a couple of weeks ago to December 31. I would like to make a bet that as you were sipping wine, watching the fireworks, kissing the body closest to you and singing old Scottish folk songs, but before you sent the texts out to wish your nearest and dearest a Happy New Year, you made some rash declarations. Perhaps something like:

  • This year I am going to get fit
  • This year I am giving up smoking
  • This year I am giving up alcohol (well after tonight, anyway)
  • This year I am going to get a job where they appreciate me
  • This year I am going to be happy

I make the same one every year, only the numbers change- this year I am going to lose 10kgs… this year I am going to lose 15 kgs… this year I am going to lose 20kgs… Given that my goal weight doesn’t change from year to year, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how successful I usually am.

But this year I didn’t really make a resolution. My only resolution was beautifully open ended- to clear the clutter (both physical & mental) so I have room for good stuff and opportunities. I have deliberately not defined that, but know that I do need to do so.

The other day, the trainer at my gym asked me what my goals were. We had been training together since April and my weight had gone up not down. He was trying to get to the bottom of why.


‘Because I eat too much, drink too much and don’t move enough,’ I replied.

‘But Jo, you know what you have to do. I can’t physically stop you from eating.’

I couldn’t tell him the real reason why I was piling on the weight. He wouldn’t understand about filling of internal spaces and providing a protective external coating from temptation. So I simply agreed with him.

‘OK, it’s time to get serious.  I think we need to discuss your goals,’ he said, waiting for my response. When none was forthcoming he continued: ‘What are your goals Jo?’

‘To lose weight,’ I reply. Duh. Like I would be down here submitting myself to this pain if I didn’t want that?

‘How much?’ he asked.

‘Ummm, 20 kgs sounds like a nice round number.’

‘By when?’

‘Ummm, before I go on the cruise in July?’

‘What does 20kgs mean?’

 ‘It means that I won’t be the fattest person on the cruise.’ What did he think it would mean?

‘Is that all?’

‘No, I want to look good in jeans, I want to feel better about myself and I don’t want my feet to hurt when I wear heels.’

‘Why do you wear shoes that hurt?’

‘They don’t when I am sitting down, but the heavier I get, the more weight ends up on the ball of my foot, so it hurts,’ I reply.

 ‘How are you going to lose the weight?’ he asks. Now the man wants details…. Isn’t that his job to tell me how it is going to happen? Apparently not.

‘Jo, you are the one that needs to set your own goals. You have to plan for your own success- that means setting a realistic time based target for sensible weight loss. It also means planning how you are going to do it.’

Whoa! Now we are sounding way too much like work. What is this- a freaking project plan, complete with milestones and dependencies? Apparently so. 

‘I’m waiting for the New Moon in Capricorn and Saturn to go retrograde,’ I reply.

Now, before you go & count the number of Saturn words in that conversation (all good Saturn blogs should teach you a lesson about something), there is actually method in my madness and not simply Piscean avoidance tactics.

The New Moon is all about fresh starts and projects, new endeavours. Capricorn is about practicality and goal setting and hard work and discipline. So, the New Moon in Capricorn is actually the best time to be starting out on any resolution- no matter how drunk you were when you made it. The Universe has given us a New Moon after New Years Eve simply so that we can re-assess what we stupidly announced to all and sundry when we were in party mode.

I see you nodding in understanding, but stay with me, it gets better. The Universe is also sending Saturn into retrograde this year. Not just so that he can have another whack at opposing my natal Saturn and my natal Moon (both of which were heavy transits- there’s a clue for the Saturn word quiz), but so that we can re-think our goals and strategies.

Saturn rules the supports, structures, rules and responsibilities in our life. In theory, Saturn is the fun cop who says “no, it is time you went home young lady,” when every part of you is crying out to say yes. When Saturn is retrograde, he is sending you back to your room to think very carefully about what you are doing, goals you have started working towards and the commitments you have made. It is sort of like a planetary cooling off period when it is OK to re-assess and change direction or re-assess and say “no”. This is not the time to make new commitments or start new projects, but great to sort out just what you want out of existing goals.

In true Saturn style, he is giving you until the end of May to sort your shit out, get rid of any frustrations and re-think the viability of any promises you have already made. So, in view of that, I figure I have another couple of days before I have to re-visit my goals, so excuse me, but I have a rather nice little Te Kairinga Pinot Noir that I need to experience.


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