Tie it Up…


One I prepared earlier…

The other night on Masterchef, the contestants had to prepare a meal that brought to life, through more senses than taste, a memory.

One of the most emotionally controlled of the contestants, Emilia, had a meltdown. People are always melting down on Masterchef, but Emilia isn’t one of them- which is why it was such an important thing for her to do.

The dish she was making- a rather complicated dessert involving lots of layers and textures and scents of apple- had taken her back to her grandmother. And that day was the second anniversary of her grandmother’s passing. Food can do that. It was a very Cancer moment.

Cancer, as we know, is nourishing and feminine. Cancer’s Venusian archetype is the apple pie Mum, or Mom (as they say in the US). Venus is about what makes us feel good, and when Venus is in Cancer, having a warm, full tummy will do the trick when a little nurturing (or self-nurturing) is required.

Now, before you all write to me, I know that there are some Cancer Venus types out there who don’t cook- and some who don’t comfort eat, even. My Nan was one of them- I don’t think I ever saw her cook anything that didn’t involve a can opener. Having said that, I don’t think I ever saw her eat anything either- there’s an astrological reason for that too…it involves Saturn…but I digress. Nan was, however, the ultimate nurturer- family was everything. She fed others- just not herself.

All other things being equal, Venus in Cancer needs to nurture something or someone in order to feel good about herself. This might be a child, a business, a protégée, a furry baby, a website…something.

Likewise family- it’s important… but it just may not be your birth family that you regard as being your family.

What about Venus and relationships? I’m glad you asked…here’s the link to one I prepared earlier.

And the title song? Tie It Up by Kelly Clarkson…It’s about a wedding.