This post is brought to you by the number 9…


Friday 1 November

Moon in Libra

Todays weather is brought to you by the number 9.

Later today we have the howevereth many exacting of the Pluto- Uranus square thingie that’s been playing around in the cosmos.

Just like Uranus and Pluto did when they were together back in the mid to late 60’s, this pair have been playing merry havoc on a macro or mundane level.

Today the square is exact again and will be triggered by the Moon to complete a T square.

We’ve talked a lot in this blog about Moon square Pluto- to say the least, it’s a volatile combination. Libra stoushes are interesting, as Libra doesn’t like conflict. She’d prefer to find another way around, another less messy alternative. In the case of the Moon in Libra, she’d prefer to find someone else to do it for her- yes, Libran planets are in the market for outsourcing this sort of thing.

Anyways, Pluto is one man who doesn’t respond to subtleties or flirtation- nor is he interested in diplomacy or compromise. In Capricorn, he wants the facts- and nothing but the facts. No embellishment, no spin, no hair flicking.

As for Moon opposition Uranus, well this is one excitable, ants in your pants, restless aspect. It’s the classic there’s no I in team type of conflict. Your independence and freedom is a threat to the aims or togetherness of the partnership. To compromise means giving away wither some of your individuality or some of the closeness you want.

Then we come to Uranus square Pluto. We’ve talked about this before too. You don’t recall? It’s about a sudden removal of structures, habits and old ways of doing things. This transit at a personal level is a strong reminder that no matter what path you’re on, you’ll need to not just keep your eye on your achievements, but take a glance behind you on the ladder at what’s coming up…ie youth, ideas, change and invention. Ignore this at your own peril. Sure, you might have experience on your side, but that doesn’t hold a lot of weight when what’s needed to grow is acceptance and inclusion of the best of the new.

Because it’s such a slow moving, long lasting transit, this one needs a kick along every so often.

Put all of this together and you have enough potential energy to power a…I don’t know, something that requires a lot of power!

Anyways, as we know, with T-squares we look at the modality- in this case it’s a cardinal t-square, so someone is initiating something. We also look at any planet at sextiles or trine that might provide an easing point. Mars and the Sun are those planets today.

This, too, though, is tense as both Mars and the Sun, sextile each other, are also each inconjunct Uranus- which makes this a yod.

We’ve talked about inconjuncts before- or quincunxes…you say potato, I say tomato. Inconjuncts are like blockages, they’re the things that you’re not ready to let go of, the things that might just happen whether or not you’re ready… a little like when you do the plunger thing in a pipe and all of a sudden the blockage is removed and the water (or whatever) rushes freely.

My point? What is my point? My point is that you mightn’t be ready to risk your ego, perhaps you want to gather some more data, analyse the results, dig deeper. Maybe you don’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe you shouldn’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe you just need a decent plumber.

Mercury, though, is not one to be left out of the action. In Scorpio and retrograde, he’s probably already wondering at the hidden meaning behind me leaving him out of this post so far.

With all of these things put together, this is one day where simple conversations can turn into mayhem. It may be that you are bored, restless or seeking some sort of stimulation or excitement, it may be that something prompts you to finally address issues of unfairness or inequality in your relationships. Just be careful not to raise the ghosts of relationships past, or bring cold arguments and grievances out of the freezer.

It’s also a day where, if you push past the challenge and risk a little (or a lot) of discomfort, you have the potential for a breakthrough of mega proportions.

All of this activity is happening at 9 degrees- 9 Scorpio, 9 Capricorn, 9 Pluto, (briefly) 9 Libra. Oh, I forgot about poor little Chiron at 9 Pisces, ready to either  bring up old wounds, or help you heal them along the way.

The number 9 in tarot is, amongst other things, associated with re-assessment. It might be assessment of goals, dreams, feelings, self worth or material success, but re-assessment it is.

It can be the wish card, it can also be the culmination of something. When you see a heap of 9s in a spread it usually indicates that the past is on its way to being well and truly so yesterday, but tomorrow hasn’t yet been decided.

Personally, it’s feeling a little like that to me.

Some of you may see uncertainty and lack of control in that, others may see limitless possibility for transformation and achievement.

It all brings to mind an article that I posted on the Jo Tracey Astrology page yesterday that really brings this group of aspects home for me. I urge to to read it especially if you have any fear around the Uranus-Pluto square.

The other day one of my regular readers expressed concern about having this set-up in her Solar Return chart.

The Solar Return chart does set the themes for the year ahead. I’ve written about that before. Does this mean that the whole year will be a conflict? Nope, but there will be some- conflict is an inevitable part of growth. Does it mean that there will be unexpected surprises? Probably- it’s those Uranian surprises that push us out of our comfort zones into an area where growth is possible. Naturally to get a real idea of the themes ahead she’ll need to look at the Ascendant of the Solar Return and see what part of life is being brought to the forefront this year, but that’s a much longer process than I have words available for here.

Anyways, with all of these 9’s in the chart, there’s also the potential for 9 related stuff to happen.

Either way, the next 12 months will be power packed. There’s potential there- huge potential, but it will need to be harnessed and worked at- like all the best potential does.

Check out also this post by Zen Habits on discomfort- it’s a timely reminder…

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