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This Place’s About to Blow…

At the Aries Full Moon last year I confessed to an inexplicable and hidden addiction to plastic cheese and True Blood. I’m over True Blood now- the witches series pretty well did it for me. In truth, it was just an excuse to put an image of a shirtless Alcide on the blog.

The Aries Full Moon shines the spotlight squarely on the me/we question. Which leads me to another tenuous connection to the wolf pack in True Blood– a reminder that as strong and independent as we are individually, we are even stronger when acting together with others. The whole “no I in team” scenario.

This years Aries Full Moon has more than enough heat in it that we don’t need to add extra fire with some token half naked, but very buffed and supremely attractive man. Anyways, it’s Grand Final weekend here in Australia, so we’ll get to see a lot of buffed action over the next couple of days as men wearing shorts chase after or kick around a football.

This Full Moon (early afternoon Sunday 30 September, Sydney time) falls at 7Aries22’. That degree sounds familiar, I hear you say…

And you’d be right. Pluto is just a smidgeon away from 7 Capricorn and is still within shouting distance of the square he recently made against Uranus in Aries… This means that the Moon will settle neatly beside Uranus on Sunday and trigger the whole T square thing again. Uranus tends to be a bad influence…and the Moon is very suggestible.

This time though, we have the Sun and the Moon (ego, emotions) on either end of the opposition, with Pluto (power, compulsion, control, ambition) squaring both points…and Uranus sitting there whispering to La Luna, ‘go on, I dare you…’

Possibly why I have had Ke$has’ Blow running round my brain as I write this:

This place’s about to blow…

Remember last week we talked about how to find release for the t square? First look for a release point off either end of the opposition. Nope. Then you look at the empty arm of the square. What do you know? It’s 6/7 Cancer- the other Cardinal point.

This place’s about to blow…

The instability doesn’t stop there.

Check out the rulers of this Full Moon- Mars and Venus. Mars is super strong in Scorpio and Venus is being fabulous over in Leo…yep they are squaring each other. Venus might be running away, but we all know that Mars in Scorpio prefers his revenge a little cooler.

And the nodes are involved. The North Node is beside Mars in Scorpio, while Venus is squaring the South in Taurus (ruled by Venus). If the south node is a little like chocolate- easy, known and tasty, this one is about having the courage (Mars) and the intensity to step out of the light and into the darkness a little to find your way forward. Courage vs chocolate. Your choices will have karmic consequences- ie regardless of the outcome, whatever happens was meant to happen…and meant to happen stuff should never be regretted.

Saturn is in the last degree of Libra and is having one last burst of energy on the whole relationship patterns/habits/responsibility in partnership/whatever front…but I’m not sure that anyone else is really listening…and Saturn doesn’t like to be ignored.

This place’s about to blow…

Full Moon contacts usually indicate a trigger point from an external source- something happening to you rather than within you. The nature of that event will depend on the area of life being exposed, the planet being aspected and the house/s ruled by that planet.

Wherever this Full Moon is in your chart is where these issues (all of them) will be playing out for you- more so if you have planets at or around 5-8 Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. Has there been something heating up in your life? Think back to the New Moon in Aries- what was happening then, what were your New Moon wishes? Are they about to come to fruition? Will the Magic 8 ball finally be right? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to take the initiative and make it come true? Do you have the courage to turn I into we? To make a move and take things to the next level, or to walk away entirely and be prepared to not look back?


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