This is who I am…


Miss T surfaced out of her room late last Sunday morning- closer to lunchtime than breakfast- she is, after all, nearly 16.

As usual she looked a picture…a rather abstract picture. Her outfit consisted of a sleeping boxers with owls printed on them (even though owls are apparently so yesterday, now mainstream and defininitely no longer Indy…if indeed, they ever were…), long mismatched striped socks that I bought in New York a few years ago, and her Dolphins swimming club t-short. Apparently all her Bintang beer singlets I’ve bought back from Bali are in the wash. The only thing missing was ugg boots- it’s too hot- so she had a pair of thongs on her feet (that’s flip flops or jandals to the non Aussies out there…).

Strangely, whilst none of it worked together, on her it’s perfect.

She has Venus in Aquarius- in the 2nd house… her individual style is something that’s important to her self esteem. And, with Uranus conjunct Venus, her style is doubly Aquarian…something which will, no doubt, cause my husband some amount of angst over the years- “you’re letting her go out in that?”

My husband and my daughter already find themselves at odds- hardly surprising with Scorpio Sun and Mars vs Aries Sun and Mars.

Very often the argument is around fashion and goes something like this:

Him: Does your mother know what you’re wearing.

Her: No.

Him: Do you think you should show her?

Her: If I must.

Her: Mum, I’m wearing this.

Me: Ok.

Him: Does that even match?

Me: It looks good.

Him: One day she’s going to come to me and say: “Dad, can I have money to buy a new dress?” (At this point he’ll shake his head for dramatic effect- just so that we know how little anyone can be bothered listening to his opinion.)

The real issue is- he has Venus in Libra so he likes a girl to look like a girl, as if she’s made some effort. Boy did he luck out with us!

Miss T’s style is mixed up, unconventional and very individual. Her look is rock chick with an edge of something else. She’s never been a princess.

Her Aries Sun means that she dresses for her type of battle- something comfortable, she can move in…if her Sun was in Sag, Capricorn or Pisces, that Aquarian style would be expressed in a completely different way.

This afternoon she’s walking around the house in multi-coloured shorts made from rugby jumpers that she’s paired with a black singlet top with a sequinned peace emblem. She’s accessorised it with a pile of strings and beads that she’s wearing around her ankle (also bought in bulk in Bali).

It’s very her.

My Mum, an Aquarius Venus, had a way of making clay splattered paint shirts with gumboots look right, and still rocks a t-shirt decorated in bling with the slogan “London, Paris, New York, Tumbarumba”…best not to ask about that one.

I’ve written before about an Aquarian girl I knew at school. She could team a tartan mini skirt with a sequinned singlet top and Doctor Who scarf and look like she’d stepped out of a Vivienne Westwood fashion show. (As an aside Vivienne Westwood is an Aries with Mars in Aquarius…)

I’d like to think that now, nearly 30 years later, she’d still be individual, but maybe these days with artisan accessories or perhaps a Japanese inspired asymmetrical hemline, or hand printed fabric.

Venus in Aquarius will do markets over duty free brands, will keep her eye out for cutting edge fabrics, technologies or items that are ethnically and ethically sound, and often prefer a lively exchange of ideas over a facial. Venus in Aquarius is generally at the lower end of the maintenance scale.

Venus/Uranus contacts in the chart tell a similar style story. Whilst Venus has her own style, if there is a close Uranus contact, an Aquarian flavour will overlay it. This is especially true of the Venus/Uranus conjunction.

Venus/Uranus trines will incorporate elements of the energy with little effort. When Uranus is incorporated seamlessly we find little touches of brilliance- the Capricorn Venus at work in a skirt cut by a fabulous new designer, the Pisces Venus with crystals turned into amazing accessories.

The challenging aspects- the squares, oppositions & inconjuncts- represent more of a struggle. It’s in these aspects that Uranus may duke it out with Venus for supremacy, often resulting in a style which is either inconsistent, janky  try hard, or rebellious for the sake of being rebellious. I have Venus inconjunct Uranus, and struggle with a style that is authentically mine. I rarely feel “at home” in my clothes, and often like I’m in someone else’s idea of fashion.

Naturally Venus in Aquarius will be tempered somewhat by the Sun, and the Ascendant. Regardless, her style will be original and entirely hers- even a work uniform or corporate business suit can look slightly different on Venus in Aquarius- it might be the cut, the design, the accessories, or the attitude.

The other thing to take into account is the house position of Venus. If you’re shaking your head at this now, it could be that your Venus in Aquarius is in the 12th house…or maybe even the 8th…and you haven’t yet got a handle on what Venus means to you…

Whichever way you wear your Venus in Aquarius style, wear it with pride, without excuses, apologies, or comformity…because, seriously, that’s so not indy.