Things to do under the Cancer Moon…

I wrote the other day about how I used the cycles of the Moon to write some of the scenes in manuscript.

This prompted a lot of questions- both from fellow writers and others just interested in how to use these monthly cycles more effectively.

So, first on the list is Cancer…

Things to do under the Cancer Moon…

The Moon rules Cancer, so the emotional weather under a Cancer Moon is moodier than most.

Cancer rules the belly so Cancer Moon is a time where emotions run high and comfort eating can be a danger- if the belly is full maybe you’ll feel better?

Cancer is also about the family, roots, history- the ties that bind us together, the past that has influenced us.

When the Moon is in the sign of Cancer, you may not want to stray too far from home, you may be more willing to prepare good, healthy, nutritious food at home rather than eating out.

You may be tempted to stray into nostalgic realms, to dwell on the past rather than to look towards the horizon.

Your outlook may be more conservative than future driven.

Your motivations will be determined by your emotions during these few days.

This is a great time for any activities involving the family, home or the household budget. It’s a great time for relaxing at home with an old favourite movie or crafts that involve domestic type talents such as sewing, scrapbooking, family history.

It’s also the best time of the month for journaling- expressing your true feelings, those things that touch your soul.

The best foods under a Cancer Moon?

Anything that’s pure and well cooked, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, dairy and white foods.

Although you may be drawn to these now, if you can try and avoid simple starches and sugars- under the influence of a Cancer Moon it can be very easy to make poor food choices.

What have I done this Cancer Moon? Explored traditions and put up my Christmas tree.