Things may not be as they seem…

Lake Wakitipu
Lake Wakitipu

So I’ve been fairly quiet over the last week.

I didn’t intend for it to be so.

Well, I sort of did- I knew that I’d be in Queenstown.

I did, however, expect that I’d be checking in regularly. Unfortunately a combination of expensive data roaming, even more expensive hotel internet charges and a touch of laziness meant that the best laid plans…and all that.

Anyways, I’ve blogged a little of my Queenstown adventures over at …but there are more to come…& a lot more photos.

Queenstown is one of those places where you can convince yourself that you can do absolutely anything, jump off anything, tramp off into the beyondness of the NZ Wilderness.

Even the Remarkables, the mountain range that runs north from Queenstown, changes- all the time. Different light, different seasons, different times of the day.  It was the perfect place for me to be with so many planets in Pisces. With that much Pisces in the air, it was also easy for me to overspend!

Tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon (7.26am Sydney time at 7 Virgo 23’) brings some earthy practicality to a Universe overloaded with illusion and day dreams.

The usual attention to detail and critical analysis applies- particularly to the areas where the Full Moon lies in your chart. But you know what? I’m just a tad over talking about Virgo and order or organisation.

Virgo is, like all earth signs, sensual and body aware. So, at this Full Moon, rather than looking at the usual Virgo stuff, let’s think about this dichotomy in terms of body and spirit or judgement and non-judgement. What about thinking not about where we see perfection, seek perfection, idealise perfection but rather where we choose not to make judgement, choose to overlook those niggly little concerns and instead embrace what is.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is that area where we work so hard for absolute perfection that we forget all about moderating behaviours and pleasures. It is also this axis where we project our own imperfections (or perceived limitations) onto those around us. It is where we discriminate and where we are completely indiscriminate.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury who has just turned retrograde. Mercury is also approaching a conjunction with Mars. This is one Full Moon where it is very possible for wires to be crossed, messages to be misunderstood and arguments to get out of hand.

At this Full Moon, Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces) comes into the mix in a square to both the Sun and the Moon- forming a, you guessed it, T square. Jupiter, as we know, makes things bigger. At this Full Moon it will be very easy to lose perspective.

With this much Pisces involved, it is also easy to lose the detail in the big picture, in the dream. That’s what Virgo is here to remind us of.

The release point of this mutable t square is a sextile from Jupiter to inspiring Uranus, so be careful not to overlook a surprising detail that is right there- under all the sparkly fairy dusty daydream stuff. Things may not be what they seem to be.

I have Mercury natally at 6 Pisces, so this Full Moon feeds into that and my 12th/6th house axis. Why not check out your chart (if you need to cast one, go to and throw your details in) and check out any planets or chart points that fall between:

5-9 Pisces

5-9 Virgo

5-9 Gemini

5-9 Sagittarius

You may also feel it at: 5-9 Taurus, 5-9 Capricorn, 5-9 Cancer, 5-9 Scorpio.

As always, the closer the orb, the more the impact.