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The Whole of The Moon: New Moon in Sagittarius

magic carpet ride…

The Moon is in Sagittarius. This means that in less than 24 hours we will have a New Moon.

The New Moon is Sagittarius is always about hope, spontaneity and adventure- so even though this one squares and challenges all of my Pisces planets, this is one of my favourite New Moons of the year. At 21 Sagittarius, this one falls almost exactly square my Pisces Sun.

Sagittarius is a sign that doesn’t mind a flutter and taking a risk or two to follow your dreams- whatever they happen to be. Add in independence seeking Uranus turning direct just a couple of hours after and your dream might very well be that of freedom, or at the very least, the freedom to follow your own path- however wide that may be. Perhaps even the freedom to be the person that somewhere along the line you forgot to be.

The other thing with the New Moon in Sagittarius is that you aren’t afraid to look up and out, to take that leap. Maybe you feel you have outgrown your present situation? Maybe it’s time to take the reins into your hands and gallop off into the sunset? Maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself and those around you? Maybe it’s time to reach for the Moon? Take a magic carpet ride? There is no limit to the possibilities.

I spoke about wings
- You just flew

I wondered, I guessed and I tried-
You just knew

I sighed-
And you swooned

I saw the crescent
-You saw the whole of the moon

This time last year I was contemplating change- great big scary, hairy arsed change. I’d chosen it, so I thought that I could control it. The thing about change is that it can’t be controlled- not completely. How hard can it be?

The other thing about change is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad- even though it may often seem to be so. It’s the perspective that counts. Glass half full, glass half empty. To be honest, I don’t care- as long as the glass is filled back up!

This is the opportunists’ New Moon.

I was grounded-
While you filled the skies

I was dumbfounded by truth- You cut through lies

I saw the rain dirty valley- You saw “Brigadoon”

I saw the crescent- You saw the whole of the moon

How has it all turned out? Not as I expected- so far this year has had a lot of ups and a few seriously upsetting downs, but it’s been one amazing rollercoaster…and I’ve never been able to resist the adrenaline rush of the rollercoaster.

What about you? Do you have planets or chart points between 19-23 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces? In particular personal planets or the Ascendant/Descendant or Midheaven/IC? Naturally, the tighter the orb, the more likely you will feel this one.

If you haven’t done so already, the New Moon energy will be with us for about 12 hours after the New Moon itself. Use it wisely to set your intentions or wishes.

Oh, and a song…it has to be Waterboys Whole of the Moonshows the absolute wonderous promise of Sagittarius. The lyrics are amazing. As always, all copyright to the artists. It reminds me of a balcony…and a man… in Darling Point on New Years Eve back in about 1986. I can’t remember his name, but I remember the song…and I still have no idea how my shoe ended up in the bowl of prawns.

New Moon at 21’ Sagittarius 45’

New Zealand 9.42pm Thursday 13/12

Sydney 7.42pm Thursday 13/12

Western Australia & SE Asia 4.42pm Thursday 13/12

USA EST 3.42am Thursday 13/12

USA PST 0.42am Thursday 13/12

Everywhere else? Some time in the middle!