The Week Ahead…


So anyways, this week was marked by another ending…and the beginning of a new beginning.

It was also, for those of us on the East Coast of NSW a few days of ark building weather. Records were broken as the rain continued to fall and the wind continued to blow.

I’m very grateful that the ceiling that was damaged in the December storms was fixed on Friday before these ones started.

On Friday I declared “Baby It’s You” ready to be published. I’ve done all I can do. It’s as good as I can make it. Now, it’s in the hands of the lovely man who will convert it into an ebook ready for launch on Amazon on the 13th May. I’m launching this one quietly- there’ll be more noise from me when no. 2 is launched in December- but I’ll post the appropriate links on and anyways.

If you want to know what else I got up to during the week, check out this post on and anyways. I’ve also posted a little something about project planning for self-publishers and, in honour of todays 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, my Mum’s recipe for ANZAC Biscuits.

Ok, what’s coming up next week?

From a major planetary aspect viewpoint, things are relatively quiet in the skies- which is a good thing as they’ll be busy in my partition job as I combine end of month with the usual two weeks before I go on holidays mad rush to finish stuff.

In addition, I’m getting ready to paint my hallway, kitchen and TV room. It’s quite a long area, and I’m having difficulty getting colours to look good all the way along in all types of light. My can’t wait to change hubby (Taurus Rising, Scorpio Sun) thinks there’s nothing wrong with the buttery cream colour that has been on there for at least 10 years, possibly more. Yes, I was joking about the can’t wait to change bit.

Oh, you wanted to know about planets, didn’t you? On Monday, Venus indulges in a little light flirtation with Uranus. Nothing heavy, just a little something to ease the restlessness, take the edge off…so to speak.

This one isn’t about permanent change, and certainly isn’t a time to make important forever decisions on the basis of. But it’s fun, witty, and more than a little stimulating. Let’s just say I’m resisting the urge to slap a lot of paint on this weekend without considering all angles. There’s this really great blue, though, that I think will work a treat with the sandy grey…

On Thursday the Sun has a date with Neptune. It’s a sextile, and these are both feminine signs involved, so you might have to go looking for whatever creative and imaginative opportunities this one could bring. Feel your way…

May Day brings with it Mercury into Gemini. Mercury is in rulership in Gemini, so this is usually one switched on few weeks. Except…yep, there’s always an except…Mercury is due to go retrograde again in a few weeks. Make the most of the first week of this one.

That’s about it for the week ahead. I’m off to get a headstart on May horoscopes…and maybe take my third trip to the hardware store for the day- I’m stuck on colour choices.

Until next time…