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The Week Ahead- Raging Bull or Contented Cow?

Taurus at work robert ruggiero

So anyways, after the last week, a little light relief is not only prescribed, but absolutely necessary. I suspect next week will contain much of the same, so am off today to see “The Rocky Horror Show.”

I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, but now…well, now I’m shivering in ant-ic-i…….pation. I’ve been subjecting my poor family to inappropriate outbursts of song, and even pranced (as much as I’m capable of prancing) along the river path the other day as I serenaded my walking buddy with my version of “I’m just a sweet transvestite from Transylvania.” I think I saw his eyes roll.

Ok, to the week ahead.

The next 24 hours will see the Aries New Moon and a couple of Neptune contacts: Mercury sextile Neptune and Venus square Neptune. This is seriously let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you sort of territory.

As with all Neptune aspects, it comes with the standard know what’s real warning, but being an Aries New Moon I think I’d be wasting my breath if I told you to slow down.

Speaking of slowing down, the Sun moves into Taurus on Monday. Last years post is here.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have the potential for issues and discussions to get out of hand and out of proportion quickly.

A flurry of aspects involving Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars will be active against the backdrop of a wordy Moon in Gemini.

On the pros side, Taurus is involved- and Taurus likes to think things through before acting or reacting. Also on the plus side is that Taurus is, all other things equal, relatively slow to anger. There can be an element of the can’t – really – be -faffeds.

On the cons side, although slow to anger, Mars in Taurus can be explosive- especially when in combination with Pluto. You’ve heard the term raging bull?

My advice? Take all the time that you need to think things through- it will help you maintain an appreciate level of perspective.

Have a great week!