Daily Planets

The Week Ahead: April Fools?


So anyways, this is out late today because I’ve been in a cleaning frenzy. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that. It’s not a Spring frenzy- I’m in the wrong hemisphere for that.

My copy edit arrived back on Friday night, so that means I have a lot of edits to accept, reject or do something with. 98,000 words worth, to be precise. Which is, of course, why I decided to empty out my pantry and my Tupperware shelves and…you can guess the rest. Procrastination at its best, but also, I like to think, a little Cancer Moon void of course. It could have been worse- I could have been comfort eating.

Last week was tough, emotionally intense tough. Chironic.

The Chiron- Mercury conjunction was exactly on my Ascendant, and I think Wednesday was possibly the toughest day, emotionally, that I’ve had in the year I’ve being back at work full time- and trust me, there’s been some seriously tough days.

Anyways, it’s over, and there’s a new one ahead of us…and I’m going into it with a pantry and a kitchen that’s been cleaned, scrubbed, organised and re-arranged to within an inch of it’s life. The next person from my family to stand at the door and throw a packet or a piece of Tupperware inside without placing it where it needs to go will have me to answer to. Be afraid.

Ok, to the skies.

We have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Easter Saturday- but I’ll talk about that separately closer to the day.

There are a couple of planetary ingresses- Mercury into Aries (let’s get loud) on the 31st and Mars into Taurus on the 1st. I’ll pop something up on these as well- even if it is just last years posts.

First up this week is Venus trine Pluto. Anything to do with Venus is going to have something to do with relationship…or pleasure…and anything to do with Pluto has something to do with intensity. The aspect we’re talking about is a trine, so it will happen easily. We’re talking earth signs, so it’s all very sensual and practical. However…there’s always a however…as this aspect perfects it’s square another aspect- Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo. Enter a little dramatic flourish from stage right.

Keep an eye on this one if you have slower moving transits that could kick off something a little more transformative.

Which segues me neatly into Tuesday’s Sun- North Node opposition. Sun-nodal aspects always have a karmic feel to them. Your ego is tied to the past, that which is known, the path of least resistance. Your karmic path, though, is always a tad more difficult. Don’t be surprised if today you come up against something like that.

I’m re-reading Eat, Pray, Love at the moment- and there’s a great one in there about your ego, and holding back. It’s in the India section. Anyways, it will come to me…

We finish our short working week with another couple of trines- Mercury with Saturn and the Sun with Jupiter.

Mercury and Saturn trines are generally about rational and disciplined thinking. In Fire signs, it’s a way also of harnessing creativity into a practical and logical direction.

As for the Sun and Jupiter? That’s gotta be feel good…doesn’t it?

Have a great week…