The week ahead and something about ideas…

Good idea

How was your week? Any insights from the Full Moon?

Over on and anyways there’s the usual round-up of my week, plus a couple of extras- mostly from my recent trip to Mooloolaba.

Ok, without further ado, what’s going on in the skies this week?

We have to wait until Wednesday for anything of note- a nice little discussion between Mercury and Uranus.

There’s a standing joke in our house that when I come up with one of my brilliant ideas- such as, for example, the electronic drum kit in the steering wheel for when you’re stationary in traffic- my hubby will say something like ‘How long did it take you to think of that one, darling? While you were brushing your teeth?’ Generally that’s how my ideas come to me, and in most cases, his response is spot on. Also, in most cases, by the time I’ve left for work, I’ve already forgotten about whatever flash of brilliance so dazzled me just a few short minutes ago.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing for our finances that very few of my brilliant ideas make it to the planning stage- and even fewer move past it.

This weeks aspects are a little like the life-cycle of my big ideas: a bursting flash of brilliance (Mercury trine Uranus) skipping the planning phase, and moving straight to a square between Mercury and Mars- where you could be tempted to go straight into action. Putting your money where your mouth, so to speak, isn’t necessarily a bad thing- unless those plans you want to put into action haven’t been well thought through.

How do I know they haven’t been well thought through, I hear you ask? Simple- when Mercury links up with Uranus the ideas come thick and fast from new and unexpected directions. This is great from a stimulus viewpoint, and can absolutely get your mind ticking along but- and it’s a big but- Uranus is presently at a standstill at 24 Aries 30’. He’s stamping his foot a tad- like a petulant toddler. What’s worse, he’s bored- and he’s telling you so…over and flipping over. And what tends to happen when you’ve got a bored toddler telling you over and flipping over that he’s bored already? Eventually he’s going to have a tantrum or you’ll make a rash decision- neither of which have the potential to be pretty.

If you have planets (or your MC or Ascendant) at 24 degrees of any of the cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries) you’d probably know about this without me having to tell you. I have Jupiter at 24 Cancer 34’- and yes, I’m very well aware of it!

To round the week (and the month) off, Mercury moves into home territory of Virgo early next Sunday morning. In Virgo, Mercury likes little more than breaking big ideas down into bite-sized pieces. Those ideas you swatted at as they flitted by during the week? If they have any substance at all, you’ll have the opportunity to do a detailed analysis while Mercury is in Virgo.

I’m off “camping” at the end of the week- down into the NSW snow country. There’s a campfire classic cook-off involved that no doubt I’ll tell you about when I’m back!