Week Ahead

The Week Ahead- and something about happiness…


You’ll be pleased to know I made it back from my weekend in the Australian bush unharmed. Of course I exaggerate, but I’m a Pisces- I like to weave a little fantasy and colour into reality…it makes for a good mix.

In any case, we had a fabulous time. There’s something about being out of the city and the noise to really clear your head. The birds even sound different out there. Our suburb is full of birds that squawk loudly- plovers, cockatoos. Out there the magpies warble, the kookaburras laugh, the little birds sing, the rosellas are a flash of red and blue as they fly through the gums. It’s beautiful to listen to.

On Friday afternoon I wandered down the path away from the others. I found a clean patch of grass- away from the kangaroo poo- and plonked myself down to feel the serenity.


In the distance I could hear the faint sounds of my husband talking with my brother around the fire, but I tuned them out until all I was conscious of was the sound of the trees, the wind, the birds, the occasional thump and rustle as a kangaroo bounded through- yes, it was that time of the afternoon. Sitting out there in the trees it was as if nothing else really mattered. It was such a weird, brief, feeling of, I don’t know… happiness. When I finally got up to walk back up the hill, I saw a grey kangaroo standing there on the edge of the clearing- watching me. As I moved, so did it- too quickly for me to get a photo. The whole thing was a reminder to me that when we’re so busy trying to get through and past the things we think we need to get through and past in order to reach happiness we risk missing those little don’t blink or you’ll miss them moments of peace along the way.


Anyways, if you want to see some more photos or keep up with what else has been going on, head over to and anyways. There’s also a post there about jaffles.


Ok, to the skies.

First up this week is an opposition between Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury, in Virgo, is at its most logical, practical, and break it down until you understand it. Neptune in Pisces is at its most fanciful, dreamy, don’t give a damn about the detail. Put these two opposite each other and the struggle between fact and fiction is real.

On one hand, your ability to sense what’s going on is heightened, but on the other, you’ll question that.

On one hand you’ll want to concentrate on the detail, but on the other, your attention will wander and you could be easily distracted.

This is a problem only if your day is scheduled around a tight schedule, spreadsheets, and an uncompromising to-do list. If, however, you allow a little scope creep- just for the day- the direction in which your mind takes you could be interesting.

On Thursday, Mercury connects with Pluto. The aspect is a trine, so the energy flows easily. Unlike Mondays’ distraction with Neptune, Pluto adds a focus and intent to your dealings today. The energy is perfect for dealing with analysing those spreadsheets you had to put away on Monday when your eyes were glazing over. It’s also a great day to strip away, break down and understand the root cause of whatever it is that needs to be stripped away, broken down and understood.

Saturn stations direct on Saturday (I have a post scheduled for this) and shortly after- in the early hours of Sunday morning, Sydney time- Venus moves to square off against Saturn. This one could be a little more picky and naggy than it needs to be…but then again, it could also help make things better. If you need space, find it. If you have vague worries and suspicions, take care not to make mountains out of mole-hills. Whoever said love needed to be easy? Where would be the fun in that?

Have a fabulous week…