The week ahead and something about a camping trip…

the snow on our last camping trip...
the snow on our last camping trip…

As this goes to press, all being well we’ll be on our annual “camping” trip.

We call it camping, although we don’t sleep in tents (well, my brother does, but that’s his choice) and there is a flushing toilet and running water on the property- although there is also an outside toilet set up in the bush from where you can watch the kangaroos hop about…if your timing is right…


No, we call it camping because we’re on a bush block in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, there’s no wi-fi, no TV reception, dodgy power, and we cook outside on the fire- both on the fire, around the fire, and in pits dug near the fire.


Last time we were down there was heaps of snow too- given that there was a huge dump just a couple of weeks ago, we’re not holding our breath this time on that. Anyways, no doubt I’ll post photos to instagram (when reception allows) and will blog the recipe successes and failures when we get back- over on and anyways.

Speaking of which, if you want to know what else has been going on in my life away from the astro, you’ll find it there.

Ok, to the skies.

From a planetary movement viewpoint (man, that’s a mouthful!) Mars moves into Sagittarius on August 3, and Venus moves into Virgo on August 6. Also on Wednesday is the Leo New Moon (Tuesday for those of you in the northern hemisphere). While I’m at it, just a reminder that the dates and times I use are my time-zones ie Sydney, Australia. At the moment we’re GMT +10. Don’t get too hung up on this- it’s the energy that’s important.

In any case, I’ll have something scheduled for each of these events during the week.

We start the week (and the month) off with a couple of trines. The first of these is a rather stimulating little encounter between Venus and Uranus. If you keep your mind open to new experiences and new arrangements or friendships, aspects such as these can be quite diverting- even when everything does feel a tad too business as usual.

Besides, with the Sun and Saturn shaking hands soon after, you’re really not going to get too many opportunities to go too far off the rails. Even if you are tempted, Sun-Saturn trines tend to bring with them discipline and self-control…or at the very least, a knowledge of what discipline and self-control should look like. It’s a tad like a planetary everything in moderation sort of warning. And, before you write to me, when I say everything in moderation, obviously I don’t mean everything

What else?

Where the week opened with a couple of trines, it will close with some squares: between Mercury and Saturn, and between Venus and Mars.

Mercury and Saturn connections are usually about disciplined and structured thinking. This is absolutely the case with the square, although there can also be a tendency to criticality, negativity, and pessimism. This could be one of those days where things just come out wrong, or the message doesn’t get through, or when it does it’s received by nay-sayers or purveyors of doom and gloom.

If a suggestion is made today, try not to jump to an early “it will never work” conclusion, and bear in mind that the whole plan doesn’t need to be in place (along with implementation dates, risks and outcomes) for it to be worth of consideration.

Pick at the details by all means- but take care to do it from a position of improvement rather than destruction.

Given that the other square is between Venus and Mars, take extra care when discussing relationship issues, or even negotiating what you’ll be having for lunch. Having said that, squares do bring tension and spark. Just saying.

Wishing you all a fabulous week…