The Week Ahead- and a little fairy dust…


So anyways, this week was a lovely surprise.

I was thoroughly spoilt for my birthday and, despite it being a hi ho hi ho off to work day, it was fun in a weird and totally unexpected, yet slightly wacky, way. I think it helped that my anxiety and stress levels had reverted to their normal able to cope in a crisis mode and, for now, all deadlines have been met.

Most importantly, I’ve had a weekend- a long weekend…three lovely days to catch up, clean up, and regroup.
I’ve even had time to revamp my and anyways blog, and finally decided on cover art and, more importantly, the publishing name for my novel. I’ve decided to go with my initials- it’s close enough to be me, but far enough to separate my astrology from my fiction.

Ok, to the skies for the week ahead.

Mercury is in Pisces now, so hopefully you’re all checking, double checking, and keeping your schedules flexible. If you have anything imaginative or creative to be getting on with, Mercury in Pisces will help.

Speaking of Mercury, the planet of communication squares off against Saturn on Monday.

Squares usually mean some sort of challenge or forced action, and Saturn represents constriction, maturity, and structure.

Putting all of this together, under this aspect you could find communication difficult- possibly restrained. That in itself isn’t unusual for Mercury in Pisces.

Normally a Mercury/Saturn aspect would bring rational or practical thought, disciplined thinking, even. This time, though, Mercury is in Pisces- and there is very little that is practical, disciplined or rational about Pisces…and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

The challenge with this one could be giving yourself over to a new way of thinking, a different point of view- a perspective that allows for possibilities that logic would tell you aren’t possible.

It’s like that saying from (Piscean) Albert Einstein:

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


The big aspect for the week is the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto. This is the last of seven squares that have formed since June 2012. I think everyone will agree, it’s been an action packed period. It’s also one that’s had a lot written about it, so I won’t add too many more words on the subject. If you want some phrases and keywords, I penned a few in last weeks post. The link is here.

For a complete change of pace, Venus moves into Taurus on Tuesday. Taurus is home territory for Venus, so whatever you’re up to, take some time to savour and appreciate beauty- it really is, like love, all around.

Let your dreams fly free on Wednesday as Neptune and Mercury meet up. Although fantasy and daydreams can seem completely non productive, they can also refresh and revitalise- especially if you’ve been feeling a tad emotionally bruised, battered and battle weary. As another saying goes- no one is too old for a fairytale.


Then on Friday, we have the biggie- a total solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces. I’ll have more to say on this as we get closer…and more to say on eclipses during the week.

On the whole, there’s a lot that feels almost magical this week. I’m beginning the draft of my next manuscript, so I’m hoping to catch a little of it as it flies past.

Until next time,