The Week Ahead…


So anyways, did anyone see the hook-up between Venus and Jupiter in the night sky last week? I managed to catch it a few times on my drive home- and was stationary at the traffic lights for long enough on Wednesday night to make a wish on it…not that I’m telling you what I wished for…

What else?

I spent last Sunday painting Miss 17’s bedroom, and our kitchen. That meant that I spent the first half of the week with the sort of muscle pain that comes with sound effects. The end result was worth it, though…you can get a glimpse of it on instagram or this post.

I still have lots to do- the wood trims in the tv room will get their second coat of gloss enamel this morning, and I’m painting the family room today. It’s messy, it’s physical, and it’s a great excuse to turn daggy pop music up very loud.

Also on and anyways is the usual Friday Five roundup of the week that was, plus a little self-delusional diversion on a weekly confessional link up.

What I didn’t do was the July horoscopes. Maybe later tonight- if have any energy left after painting.

Ok, the week ahead….

The big aspect of the week is an opposition between the Sun and Pluto. In a way, this is a repetition of the energy and themes of last weeks Full Moon. I wrote the following about it this time last year:

Mention Pluto in astro circles and breaths start to be drawn in. Mention Pluto in opposition and the concerned looks begin.

I get that. If we’re talking key words, it could Pluto would look a little like this:

Birth, death, renewal, transformation, power, toxic, elimination, megalomania, grandiosity, truth, integrity, ambition, humility… do you want me to go on?

When we talk about the Sun we think of words like:

Ego, vitality, warmth, identity, self-expression.

When it comes to oppositions, we know that there is often a brief coming together, a pulling apart, someone may be doing something to you, a decision may need to be made.

Put all of this together and people start to run for cover.

There’s no denying that this transit- Sun opposite Pluto- can bring with it intensity and conflict- especially if you have planets or chart points at 14 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries…but that’s not to say that intensity and conflict isn’t needed. Besides, this one- Sun opposite Pluto- is a relatively short-lived transit…and for that reason, very different in nature to the opposite, ie Pluto opposite Sun.

The textbooks will tell you that this is a time where you might attract these things- intensity, conflict, power struggles- so, if you do have planets at these points, take due care. It could be you inflicting these things on others- if this is the case, ask yourself honestly what you expect to achieve from that.

It’s not all bad and frightening. Sun/Pluto oppositions also can be times when a lot is achieved. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

When I say achieved, I mean of a future nature. We’re talking about sweeping change, and fundamental nature, and…well, you get the idea. But you won’t get there by manipulating the truth, bullshitting or blaming others. This is one of those own your consequences times…the rest is up to you. Feel free to blame whoever it is that is doing whatever it is to you, or feel free to take appropriate action and make the decisions that need to be made. Your call….but make the right one, and it could take you to the top of your world.

What else?

Mercury gets his feet wet in Cancer later this week. The link to a previous post is here. On the subject of wet feet, Mars aligns with Neptune on Thursday. Mars isn’t exactly filled with energy and the desire to rush around strenuously when he’s in Cancer. Add Neptune to the mix, and you could be feeling like doing not a lot at all. If, however, that not a lot at all is for other people, or in pursuit of creative efforts, or just some heavy duty daydreaming, this alignment might be very nice indeed.

Have a great week…