The Week Ahead…

Street art in Little Collins St by Rone. I had a fan girl moment.

So anyways, I’m in Melbourne for the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. I’ve come down with Miss 17. It’s one of those things that we like to do together at least once a year. I wrote about it over on and anyways.

Somehow this year, her HSC year, it seems more important to take some (controlled) breaks away from study to make sure that the balance doesn’t slip. It’s such a high pressured year that my biggest fear is that we’ll lose touch. So far (crossing fingers…toes…everything) that hasn’t happened.

What have we been up to?

We’ve eaten, we’ve walked, we’ve shopped, we’ve eaten, we’ve walked, we’ve shopped. Our feet are sore in that way that feet get when they’ve been pounded. In that way they get when they’ve seen so much and travelled so far. It’s a lovely feeling.

If you want to know what we’ve been up to, I have, of course, blogged it over at and anyways…and will continue to do so…

To the skies. The biggest thing of note will be in just over a week when Saturn backtracks into Scorpio. This will be an opportunity to look at things that you might not have had the stomach to look at a few months ago- mid December to be exact-ish. More on that later in the week.

This week can be declared the week of the sextile. They’re everywhere….and they come in pairs. The thing about sextiles is that they’re opportunities. The other thing is that given masculine signs are involved (Gemini and Leo and Gemini and Aries) the opportunities will present themselves. The trick is in recognising them as such and accepting the challenge they present- that part is up to you.

First up we have, on Tuesday, Sun sextile Jupiter and Mars sextile Uranus. This combo is all about having the faith to look- and move- forward rather than back.

The follow-up on Thursday is Mercury sextile Venus and Sun sextile Uranus. Expect some restlessness, so take care not to throw to baby out with the bath water. Change can happen in small steps, and you’ll have the people and the words to help you take those steps…if you’re prepared to take them.

What else?

Mercury goes direct on Friday…just as Neptune goes retrograde. Hmmmm… given that Neptune stations can be as confusing as Mercury stations can be unreliable, I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy a new phone just yet!

Have a great week!