Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…

Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a window

So anyways, I was back to the partition this week, and back to the real world. End of month is always frantic, but by now I’m used to it.

I’ve tried to keep the Bali feeling going as long as possible, but have to say that the glow began to fade as early as Wednesday. If I look closely, though, I can still see some tan lines.

I guess though, that’s why it’s called a holiday- because it is a break from reality- although today, with the Sun square Neptune, you could be having difficulty in actually seeing past your perceptions and daydreams (or worst nightmares) through to what is real. I had to give myself a very harsh talking to at the gym this morning when my zen time on the treadmill was dominated by what ifs of the extremely negative kind.

As for the week that was? Over on and anyways, I wrote a little about the launch parties I had for Baby, It’s You. All the best people were there- hubby, daughter and dog.

I also told you about where I stayed in Ubud, and why I think there’s a Bali to suit everyone. Then I wrapped the week up with the return of the Friday Five.

As for the week ahead?

Aside from a Full Moon (there’s a post scheduled for tomorrow on this) in the early hours of Wednesday (here in Sydney- Tuesday afternoon or evening for the rest of the world), there’s not a lot of major astrological importance ahead this week.

Venus moves into Leo on Friday (early hours of Saturday here in Oz), so I guess that one deserves a fanfare or three, but other than that, the working week is dominated by Moon stuff.

Later in the week (Saturday for us) Mars is sextile Jupiter and Venus (newly in Leo) is trine Saturn.

Mars- Jupiter sextiles in Air/Fire signs bring opportunities of the drop – in – your – lap – go – for – it – if – you’re – brave – enough kind. Of course, you’re eyes need to be open enough, and your perspective wide enough to see them, but opportunities there could be. Given that the Moon will be in the tail end of Capricorn, you could also need to push aside a few sneaking too good to be true thoughts…just saying.

Besides, Venus/Saturn trines tend to bring with them a maturity and responsibility that will help you keep your head in the face of temptation.

Anyways, must run, have the weeks blogs to write and schedule, parents to visit, and June horoscopes to start.

Until next time…


Oh, don’t forget keep your eye out for the next instalment of my mini astro lessons at the Tuesday Toolbox. Remember, they’re mini- so mini- and no substitute for real classes, but they could just help…