Week Ahead

The week ahead…


So anyways, it’s back to work for me tomorrow…the holiday has been great, but also a little surreal, a little unreal- as all great holidays should be. Now it’s back to work to save up for the next one!

I’ve posted heaps on picks on instagram and heaps of posts on and anyways– there are still more posts to come- so duck over and have a look if you’re interested.

What else? While I was away my novel was published. Yes, I was excited- still am. It’s been a leap of faith- and courage… It’s also a tick off my bucket list- apt given that bucket lists are a theme in the novel.

Hubby and I had a little launch party at Casa Luna in Ubud- fitting given that the team behind Casa Luna are also the team behind the Ubud Writers Festival…which is also on my bucket list.


It was just he and I and a few martinis. Tequila might have also featured. The publisher (yes, I’m self-published) also splashed out on some canapés.


I might have even got a little drunk and talked to the fireflies in the rice paddies on the way back to our room. Anyways, if you’re into chick lit, the pic on the website will take you through to Amazon.

Right, to the skies.

I don’t talk a lot about things like Chiron and the North node- not because I don’t find them interesting or helpful, but mostly because there’s already enough to talk about.

This week, though, the North Node is sitting up and waving about at me with trines from Mars (today) and the Sun (next Saturday) to it. Just a couple of days later, Mercury does the same.

Let’s break these down a little:

  • Mars is about energy and the desire to act
  • The Sun is our ego, our pride and our motivation
  • The North Node is the path forward- unfamiliar, a little scary, possibly painful, but karmically rewarding in the long run,
  • Trines are things happening easily.

In short, this week could be one where you’re inspired into acting on an opportunity. If you choose not to proceed, ask yourself whether the excuses you’ve come up with are legitimate…or whether you’re using them out of fear. It’s ok if you’re scared- it’s not ok if you don’t acknowledge that. This is happening at 8 degrees Gemini and Libra.

What else?

Venus squares off to Uranus on Tuesday. Being in Cancer, she’s a tad on the passive aggressive side, but really is FINE…ok???? Although short-lived, Venus – Uranus squares can be uncomfortable, but they can also be interesting.

It can stimulate you creatively, in the workplace it may bring new ways of dealing with old solutions, in relationships it could be the impetus to break free, or just the spark that you need to reinvigorate something that’s been feeling lonely and old.

If you’re holding on too tightly to something tried and true, if your relationship is feeling a little too structured or held back, this transit will be difficult. If your relationship is one where each of you has sufficient space to move, and new experiences to try, this transit could be very exciting indeed.

Over the next couple of days you’ll be seeking something new, something a little unusual, something a little off-centre- especially if you’re feeling constrained.

You might find yourself flirting with something or someone that makes you feel young and interesting and alive again.

You might find yourself starting arguments just to get a rise out of someone, just for something to do, to prompt a reaction to have something, anything, happen.

Having said that, getting things out in the open can be a good thing- as long as you actually do something with it. And, let’s face it, sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to change the rules a bit.

Have a little flirt, provoke a little argument, but take care not to take too much to heart. Oh, it’s also not such a good day for impulse buying…

Mars is also doing the square thing, but against Neptune. Another short-lived transit, but potentially more difficult than Venus – Uranus. Why? Because this one has the capability to dissolve your energy, your inner strength, your courage and your desire. Things might all seem way too hard- and why bother when you’re no good anyway?

The message? Get over yourself, face up to what you’re pretending you can’t see, deal with what you’re pretending hasn’t happened, swallow hard and, as a good friend would say, take a decent glass of cement and harden up…or something like that. Anyways, it’s only a day, so if you want to mooch around instead that’s obviously your prerogative too.

Speaking of actions, Mercury joins Mars on Wednesday. There’s power in your mind and in your words. Try not to abuse it, but rather use it. As my mother says- if you can’t say anything nice, talk about the weather.

Venus trines Chiron on Thursday. The Venus – Chiron connections always make me think of the power of love to hurt…and to heal. With Mercury also active, you’ll instinctively know which words to use to do either…

It’s Mercury’s turn to square up to Neptune on Friday. This one is about the difference between fact and fiction. Given that Mercury is retrograde, we’ve already been through this, now you’re going back. There’s another yet to come. Think before you speak; if it seems to good to be true, it probably is; don’t go chasing pies in the sky…and other clichés like that. Then again, it’s a great transit to create a little fantasy, a fairy-tale or two, catch a star or two and create some magic under.

Have a great week…