The week ahead…

It's wisteria season!
It’s wisteria season!

I got to thinking about the words serendipity and coincidence a lot during the week. It was that sort of week.

Exhibit A: A fabulous looking Jessica Rabbit (ok, someone dressed as Jessica Rabbit) hopped off my train on Sunday. I hoped that she’d been to Comic Con that had been that weekend. It reminded me of an ex colleague I’d texted some weeks ago but who I hadn’t heard back from. Not 10 minutes later she texted me from Hong Kong to apologise for not responding to my text and saying she’d been thinking of me.

Exhibit B: I’d had lunch with a girlfriend on Sunday and we’d got talking about a mutual friend we hadn’t seen or heard from in months. I saw that person getting off the bus behind mine on Monday morning- it was the first time she’d caught the bus in months.

Exhibit C: Sitting in Australia Square waiting to meet my BMF for morning coffee I saw someone who used to work in my old job walk through. It reminded me of one of the lovely Team Leaders there. I almost texted her but decided it was too early and she’d be doing the kids school thing. Yep, you guessed it, she texted me.

Then Tuesday night’s episode of 800 Words (it’s an Aussie-Kiwi show on Aussie telly) was all about serendipity or how things can occur through a series of happy accidents.

As an aside, I googled the word- serendipity. It originally came about from a story about three princes from Serendippo in the Far East. These guys had been sent away by their father, the King, and somehow separately using small completely random clues that they each came across by accident discerned the nature of a lost camel. At first this wasn’t a good thing because the only explanation was they each had been involved in stealing the said camel- and in the Far East, that generally didn’t come with a happy ending. Yet, some other dude turned up having found the came wandering freely and the princes were saved. Serendipitously, as it were.

In the first episode of 800 Words, George Turner buys a house unseen near a beach in the north of New Zealand. It’s the house he used to stay in as a kid- or so he thinks. After the sudden death of his wife it’s those memories that he wants for his kids. Instead, on arrival, he sees that the house he bought is not the way he thought he was buying. It doesn’t have the sweeping ocean views of his memory. Instead it’s rundown and the kids hate it.

In Tuesday’s episode, the house he originally thought he was buying comes onto the market and the owner is prepared to do a deal with him. It’s serendipity, it’s meant to be…or is it? It turns out that the house he bought by accident is the one that the kids now love- it’s healed all of them and the issues they’ve had over the months has brought them all closer. Seeing the house that he would have bought has made them all realise that. Serendipity, but from a different angle.

The thing is, sometimes things seem serendipitous, meant to be, whatever because they jump up by accident once, twice, sometimes more. They’re waving their hands about and you can’t help but look at them. Surely that means something, right? Yep, usually. Sometimes it heralds an opportunity that you’ve always sad you wanted, but now? Well, now that it’s there, you don’t. Sometimes it’s a set of unfortunate circumstances that all together point you by happy accident to a course of action that you otherwise would not have taken.

My point? This Mercury retrograde period has been littered with experiences like this- or perhaps they’ve been there all the time and I’ve noticed them over the last few weeks. Who knows? In any case, Mercury turns direct on Thursday. If you’ve used the time to review and plan and toss around ideas, leave it a bit before putting them into action- things will still be a tad unstable until Mercury picks up speed again.

Also happening this week, the Sun moves into Libra in the early hours of Friday morning, and Venus moves out of Libra and into Scorpio a day later. I have posts scheduled.

What else? Venus links up with Mars on Monday. Sextiles generally bring opportunities- and the most common Venus/Mars opportunities are around relating, money and finance, or creativity. That gives you a pretty wide range. Of course, you can always choose to say no, or plead busy-ness…

Mercury trines Pluto not once but twice this week- once just before Mercury stations direct, and once just after. Same same but different. Mercury-Pluto contacts can be obsessive, so if there is something that you just can’t get out of your mind, delve deeper into it on Wednesday, and think about what actions you can take to do something about it on Friday.

What else?

The usual personal round-up is up over at and anyways and I’ve unveiled the cover of my new novel Wish You Were Here on There’s also a post and a chocolate pudding recipe written by my heroine, Max. My hero this time around is a Scorpio male, so I’ll be releasing the book during Scorpio season- on October 27- when the Sun and Mercury are conjunct my natal Mars. Sign up for the mailing list to get the special release offer.

Speaking of mailing lists, I haven’t done a newsletter since last year. Going forward, these weekly round-up and week ahead posts will be sent out via newsletter only. So, if you want to keep up with what’s happening in the skies and on the blogs, there’s a pop-up thingie on the website that you can sign up on.

Ok, that’s it from me, I’m off to my niece’s 18th birthday party. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week.