Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…


So anyways, it had been another tough week in the office. I managed to sneak out a little early on Friday with the intention of getting some writing work done. Yeah….nah. I stared at the screen for a few minutes, did some more procrastibaking and had a swim instead. As you do. Well, as I do.

February has been like that. February is always like that for me.

Last weekend was the same. I was supposed to be writing- I have personal deadlines coming out my proverbials. Instead, I took the whole of Saturday off and went across to Cockatoo Island, in the middle of Sydney Harbour, to spend a day in the sun chatting with Astrosparkles. If you want to see where we went and what we did, the link is here.

She made comment about how she loves February. I made comment about how I hate it. She said it was because the Sun is in my 12th house. I said I agreed. It’s true- Aquarius is my 12th house and I have spent the entire time the Sun has been in Aquarius looking for escape routes and endings- dreaming of what ifs and whens and looking for glimmers of light and ways out. It’s also been about dealing with those personal habits that bring me undone: self-sabotage. It’s been about planning for the year ahead, and being in a hurry to get there.

In any case, the day off did me the world of good- I was able to motor through the manuscript on Sunday in a way I wasn’t in the mood to do on Saturday. It was still quite slow going, but I achieved more than I had done in the previous week.

As for Friday afternoon, after my procrastibaking (choc chip cookies, in case you’re interested) and a swim, I threw on a tie dyed beach dress that I bought for a couple of dollars in Thailand, flopped onto the lounge with my pooch, a book, a glass of wine, and some music that makes me feel like I could drop out of the rat race and into somewhere like Byron Bay…or Bali. Instead of writing. If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen the photo.

Later, flicking through the TV stations, instead of writing, I hit on a daggy movie that Miss nearly 18 and I still watch on our daggy movie nights- Lizzie McGuire. Don’t judge me. There’s the one big scene at the end where she sings This Is What Dreams Are Made Of that still makes me cry embarrassing uplifted tears. I even know the actions.

As I watched it, it hit me- there’d been a shift in the way I was feeling. Yes, the Sun had moved into Pisces.

As an aside, when I popped into Youtube this morning, the clip from the movie was on my recommended list. Google it. Sure, it’s cheesey and daggy and Disney and Hilary Duff- it’s also pure Pisces.

Ok, to the skies.

First up this week is a Full Moon at 3 Virgo. I’ll post something more on this tomorrow, but I have the feeling this could be an important one- for me, anyway. Why? Aside from the fact that it feeds into my (3 Scorpio) Mars perfectly, just a few hours later, Chiron and Jupiter face off at 20 Pisces and Virgo respectively. I don’t talk a lot about Chiron here- there’s always a lot of other things to talk about- but given that my Sun is at 20 Pisces, my Pluto is at 19 Virgo, and Jupiter is my chart ruler, I probably shouldn’t be ignoring this one.

Sun- Jupiter oppositions can be about wasted opportunities, but they can also be about much needed ego boosts. As for Jupiter-Chiron? My personal Chiron story has always been about faith in myself and my dreams and visions. I suspect this will be tested. Judging on recent events, I suspect there could also be something around conformity and expectations.

Sextiles between Mercury and Saturn (on Thursday) and Mercury and Uranus (on Saturday) will provide opportunities for planning and future direction. Make a note of whatever comes up for you at or around the Full Moon and build on these insights. Remember, it could be subtle.

Have a great week…