The Week Ahead…

Milford Sound April 2011
Milford Sound April 2011

When we were on holiday at the end of last year, I got used to not looking at daily charts. I had no idea from day to day where the Moon was, if anything was retrograde, or who was talking to who- plantetarily wise. I have no idea if that is even a word- I suspect that it isn’t.

I especially didn’t look at my transits.

Even when we got back, I knocked out my annual spreadsheet and put it away- it was what it was. There was a heavy Saturn theme and just as heavy a Jupiter theme. Hard work and opportunities.

Then on Friday morning, sitting in the usual queue of traffic going to work (yes, I know it was Friday, and yes, I know I’m not supposed to be working Fridays- thanks for the reminder) I sneaked a look at the transits.

Already, for many reasons, this year has been chronically busy, demanding and energetically draining. This last week, I’ve felt it even more. And there it was, Saturn, nestled in beside my MC. As you’d know from last years’ Toolbox series, the MC and the 10th house is about work and career. If Saturn is hard and the MC is work…you figure it out!

Sales on the book have slowed, and pressure in the partition has increased. I’m also in the middle of a large astro related freelance job and have my next novel due to the editor at the end of the month. Saturn on the MC.

I’ll get it all done, but in the meantime I’m issuing all friends, family and colleagues with a storm warning forecast. Saturn is reminding me that sometimes I need to say no and stick to it. Don’t you find though that everyone thinks you should be saying no to someone other than them?

The thing is, as hard and relentless as it is now (by the way, no prizes to the person who picks all the Saturn words I’ve used so far), it’s this sort of work that creates the “luck” that Jupiter opportunities bring up later. The work I do now sets me up to be ready to say yes when Jupiter knocks. It also means that I can plan longer term rewards- such as the Milford Track tramp I’ve booked for later in the year. The main photo was taken at Milford Sound in April 2011.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been some procrastination- I wrote about it over on and anyways- procrastibaking, I call it.

As for the week in review? You can catch up on my personal stuff over on the Friday Five.

Ok, to the week ahead.

First up is a New Moon- tomorrow. I wrote a bit about that this morning. Also tomorrow morning is a square between the Sun and Mars. Soon after, Venus sidles up to Mars to form a sextile. Essentially the first is about motivations, and asking whether yours are sound, and the second is about opportunities to maintain the balance that needs to be adjusted when you assert your own will. Under this transit, as long as you are doing things for the right reasons, there will be opportunities to go after what you want without annoying too many people along the way.

To me, it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that these are occurring so close together and so close to the New Moon.

Venus and Jupiter align on Wednesday. Whenever these two get together, there can be some good times, some nice times and some wasted opportunities- especially when a trine aspect is involved. You know: the whole coulda shoulda woulda but couldn’t be faffed so whatever thing.

Anyways, that one is up to you!

Have a great week…this week is, I think, a good week to have a good week.