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The week ahead…

Taken in Scotland…

Well, it was back to the office this week which, after 7 weeks off, was a shock to the system. After 7 weeks off, it was, however, also a relief to the bank account!

I spent a bit of time this week thinking about what I wanted to achieve this year. I wrote about my writing goals here, and my intentions for this site here.

Naturally I set some personal goals- you can read about them here.

To give myself a fighting chance of achieving some of this, I’m being a tad more disciplined around posting.

Going forward, on and anyways I’ll be posting:

  • On food on Mondays
  • On writing on Wednesdays
  • On the Friday five on, well, Fridays
  • On travel on the weekend

On this site, aside from New and Full Moon posts as they fall due, it will be:

  • A round up of the week that’s gone and the week ahead on Sundays
  • The Tuesday Toolbox will be back from February
  • Something else- a monthly Catching Stars and possibly a new series- on Thursdays. I’m still getting my head around it.

What else?

Over on and anyways I posted a Best of for the British road trip we’ve just completed. Hopefully next time it won’t be so rushed, I won’t have the family commitments we had this time, and I can arrange perhaps a meet and greet of some description. Hopefully also there won’t be twenty years between visits!

On this site I popped up something about how to use the New Moon each month to help with your goal-setting, and something also about the New Moon in Capricorn. As this goes to press, the New Moon is just a few hours old, so there’s still time to set your intentions.

The run away story for the week was my Mars in Scorpio post. Despite having over 4,000 followers on Facebook, I’m used to posts reaching between 200 and 700 of you, with an average of around 1000 visits a day to the website. This post reached over 15,000 of you, was shared 80 times on Facebook and prompted over 4,000 visitors to the website. Of course it happened just as I was debating the use of Facebook versus Twitter…

Given that the last time a post had that much attention was my recent Venus in Scorpio post, I can surmise that I could write about anything and pop Venus and Mars plus Scorpio in the title and it’s instant attention!

Anyways, to the skies.

For those of you heading back to work next week, here’s what’s in store.

We start the working week with the Moon in Aquarius. It’s sort of fitting when what’s probably on your mind is changes that need to be made, new ways of doing things, a different approach maybe. Just don’t get too stuck on a single idea.

Venus connects with Uranus on Tuesday. The aspect is a trine- and that means an easy flow of energy. Pleasure can be found in unusual places and in different activities. The thing about trying something outside your normal is it can stimulate solutions to problems that seem unsolveable. It can also, if you’re feeling restless, be enough to stop you from making a decision you can’t come back from.

The Sun trine Jupiter on Wednesday can help you achieve good things- especially if you’ve prepared the ground previously. You know, that old adage about the harder I work, the luckier I get? Trines tend to be overlooked and underappreciated. Pay attention to the little things today and feel gratitude for them. You get a second chance of Thursday as Mercury trines Jupiter. Use it to get your point across- but don’t use it to preach that point- especially with the Sun conjunct Mercury, it is possible for your ego to get in the way of a good discussion. If you used the New Moon to make plans for a new venture or idea, try and take some of those first steps this week.

Until next time,