Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…


Hello, it’s me…I was wondering…ooops, no, that’s an Adele song!

Seriously though, it’s been a while. Thanks to those of you who mailed or messaged to ask if things are ok. They are- ok, that is- just manically busy in the partition, at home, with the new book, with…you get the idea. I’m also about to start work on the big freelance job I’ve been doing at this time for the last few years, so am madly trying to schedule things here as well. It is what it is.

Ok, there are some changes on the website I need to talk through with you. I’ve been having some fun, ok, it’s probably more like procrastination, with canva and have created some easy links on the web page. There are links there to the most popular DIY posts, the Tuesday Toolbox, the Catching Stars interviews and the current month featured star sign. It’s all about trying to streamline things. There could even be a new theme, but I’m waiting until Mercury goes direct to make a decision on that.

I’m doing a similar thing on and anyways. That’s going to be moved off the wordpress server and onto the same platform I have this website on. It adds to the expenses, but will allow me to control those pesky ads that show up on wordpress sites and also pop in a portal to sell my books direct. As I’m launching both novels on print on demand this year, this is timely.

As for the week that’s been? Let’s just say that driving through a paint spill the other morning was probably a good indication of what my week was like. We’re away this weekend, so will need to address the accidental racing stripes next week. If you want pics, they were on instagram and are on the weekly round-up on and anyways.

Oh, while I think about it, for those of you who want to keep an eye on what’s happening for yourself, bookmark You can customise it for your time zone and the sorts of things you want to see. There’s also downloadable pdf calendars with what’s happening each month. And no, I get no kick-back from them, but am eternally grateful for this (free) service.

To the skies.

There’s a Full Moon tomorrow. I’m about to get into the car and do a flying visit to Canberra, so unless I get it written on the road, probably won’t be putting up a separate post this month. The link to the DIY Full Moon post is here, and you’ll find a previous Leo Full Moon post here.

The Moon will be full at 3 Leo 29’…or thereabouts.

Also tomorrow, Venus moves into Capricorn- just a few hours before the Full Moon.

What else? Mercury is direct on Tuesday. On the Facebook page I shared a post by AstroSparkles this morning talking about how this one started with a Pluto conjunction and is finishing with one. The third and final Mercury/Pluto hook-up in this arrangement will be next Saturday.

I’m not sure about you, but this rerograde has felt to be very much about business and power. In her post AstroSparkles talks about how the time for thinking is nearly done, with the time for acting just around the corner. I giggled when I read that line as it’s the exact same line that came out of my mouth after a business meeting the other day.

That time is at or around that third conjunction. Review the data, use the data and stick to the bare facts. A sextile between Venus and Neptune just a few hours later may help you be sensitive to the mood of the room, but try not to allow it to lull you into a false sense of security, or tempt you into spin over substance.

A Venus/Neptune sextile is, however, always good for a little light day-dreaming.

Have a great week.

Oh, todays pic? It’s from this time last year when we were in Mooloolaba. On the beach. Aaaaaaah.