The Week Ahead

Big Girls Don't Cry

The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that this post, which is usually scheduled for 6am on Sunday mornings is being published sometime after 6pm.

Usually I get all my posts for the coming week written and scheduled out on Friday afternoons and Saturdays- leaving me Sunday for my real writing and family funday stuff.

This week, though, was mad. I was later than planned home on Friday, had a disaster in the kitchen on Friday night- don’t ask- and was out all day yesterday, out last night, and had the bi-annual cook-off with my brother and his family today.

Which, of course, all means that this post will be shorter and quicker than usual- I still have Tuesday Toolbox to get written, something about the New Moon done… and that’s before I tackle the ironing. In the background is the back cover blurb and acknowledgements that I need to get written for Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Speaking of which, this weeks’ feature pic is my cover. I love it. To pieces.

Anyways, if you want to know what else has been happening, you can check out the weekly rundown on and anyways.

Ok, to the skies.

Both Venus and Mars change signs this week- into Libra. I do have posts already scheduled for these ingresses (phew). Libra is the sign ruled by Venus- it’s where she’s at her most fabulously, beautifully, social. In contrast, Mars isn’t at all confortable in Libra. Anyways, keep your eyes open for the posts when they hit.

The aspect du jour this week is the sextile. The sextile is about opportunities- and with sextiles between:

  • Mercury and Pluto
  • The Sun and Jupiter
  • Venus and Saturn
  • Mercury and Jupiter

opportunities abound this week. Only one of these- the one between Venus and Saturn- is likely to be really visible to you. Sextiles between masculine or positive signs tend to be more ‘hello, here I am’ in nature than the ones between feminine or negative signs- you have to go looking for them. Don’t know the difference between a positive or a negative sign, head back through your Toolbox lessons.

I won’t go through each of them, but anything involving Pluto will be an opportunity to reform or transform something, anything involving Saturn will be around structures, and anything involving Jupiter will be about expansion.

What else?

In the early hours of Thursday morning, we have the Scorpio New Moon. That’s sometime in Wednesday for those of you in the Northern hemisphere. I’ll try and get something up for it- the Scorpio New Moon can be a toughie to get your head around if you’re not overly familiar with Scorpio’s particular brand of ‘if you knew me, like really knew me, you’d know.’

Have a fabulous week- it will be my last in the partition until 2016- how weird is it to say that?- so I expect it will be a busy one!